Zucchini Bread with 5 CUPS of Zucchini!!! Using Up the Harvest

Feed For Your Garden Plants

One of the best thing you can do to ensure you have a stunning garden to enjoy in the Summer is make good preparations earlier in the year. Come Springtime it is worth considering feeding your garden to ensure it has all the nutrients available for when your plants start to grow. In this article we explore different types of feed and what things you need to consider before using them.

Vanilla – The Essence of the Orchid

Most people are familiar with the taste of Vanilla and have often come across it either bottled in the form of extract or in its original state as whole dried pods. It is used to enhance many eatables including ice-cream and cakes and is even a component of fine perfumes. It is a little known fact however, that this delicious substance comes from an orchid, the Vanilla Planifolia.

Kitchen Compost Bin – 3 Things to Look For in a Kitchen Compost Bin

If you’re composting, you will want to get yourself a kitchen compost bin. It will make your life much easier, especially if your compost bin is a significant distance from your kitchen. It takes away the pressure of having to take your composting out daily. And if you have a large family or eat a lot of produce, I’d recommend getting two!

Parts of the Water Garden

Considering the different types of filtration systems is important as well. You want to make sure that the pond is relaxing if nothing else. To do this, your pond must look good and also smell great too. You need to be sure that the pond is clean with the right filtration system so that you are keeping your investment safe.

What Do You Want in a Water Garden?

The shape can be exciting too. You can use any shape that you want for your water garden. The only thing that you have to make sure of is that you have enough room for your water garden. You have to make sure that your garden has character. Being unique and different is something that will make you feels good each time you sit by it and watch the water falls that you have placed thoughtfully.

Grape Planting

Grape planting is actually very ambiguous, and if you are looking to grow grapes as a business, quite costly. Before you can even plant grape vines you will need to prep the site and this should be done a year before.

Cordless Weed Wackers – The Benefits and the Burdens

Cordless weed wackers have been gaining popularity among homeowners and lawn care enthusiasts. What are the benefits to owning a cordless weed wacker?

Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #1

This article will build upon the 10 Reasons Why You Need An Intermittent Mist System article that I previously wrote. Each article will explain in much more detail the reasons I believe a misting system is vital to your success with rooting cuttings.

Having and Keeping Poison Ivy Pictures

There are many people who are allergic to poison ivy but have no idea what it looks like. They have walked through a field or forest and a few days later they have an itchy rash that can only be explained by the possibility of a poisonous plant where they were walking.

Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

As we look for ways to save money in this economy and with vegetables being up there in price, it would be a good idea to grow a garden with a variety of vegetables. You would be growing for your family wholesome, natural vegetables and you will possibly save your self some money.

Organic Garden – How Does the Northern Mocking Bird and American Crow Fit Into the Organic Garden?

Early in the spring a mocking bird decided to take the swing set’s top bar in the back yard as it’s territory. Other birds were free to come and go to feeders and water below but were not allowed to sit on the top bar.

Container Gardening Tips For Vegetables

Many living spaces do not have ample room to plant vegetable gardens. One option is container gardening. Nutritious and fresh vegetables can be grown in containers on a balcony, patio or windowsill.

Three Basic Steps to Start Your Organic Garden

Tips you should know before you start your garden. These basic steps can greatly benefit you with your organic gardening needs.

Selecting a Site For Your Organic Garden

Tips you should know when choosing the location for your organic garden. Where you put your garden can be the difference between having a successful garden or not.

Are Cats and Dogs Getting Into Your Garden? 8 Tips to Keep Them Out Safely and Naturally

Do the neighborhood kitties think your garden is their own personal litter box? Does your dog think you plowed up all that nice soft dirt just to make a great spot to bury her tennis ball? Here are some easy and time tested tips for keeping those otherwise adorable critters out of your garden, so your green peppers, cucumbers and beets actually stand a chance of ending up in your summer salad.

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