“You just can not idiot the purchaser”

His grandfather started the spouse and children business enterprise, and nearly a 10 years back, Isidoros Priftis and his brother took about the administration of the greenhouse business situated close by Athens, Greece.

Two months ago, refreshing youthful vegetation went into the greenhouse.

Start off clean, continue to be clean
If it’s the get started, middle, or the finish of the season, the greenhouse Isidoros Priftis grows in always looks neat. “It is essential for us not to leave plant material within the greenhouse, as that is the fantastic breeding floor for pests and pathogens to thrive”, claims the grower. “The cliché ‘’start thoroughly clean, stay clean’’ is factual. Maintaining the greenhouse clean up is a phase nearer to not spraying. On major of that, we adore performing in a clean up atmosphere.” 

The facility is a 2000m2 multi-span hydroponic greenhouse, in which they expand tomato crops for 11 months. In addition, they do small tomato crops and cucumber growing in 1500m2 very low tunnels.

The organization was started in the 1940s by his grandfather. His father and uncle took more than in the late 1970s, and in 1998, they designed the very first greenhouse, exactly where they grew tomatoes. 

“In the early 2000s, my father transitioned to hydroponic expanding, mostly since of fusarium- and nematodes-linked issues”, he recalls. “At the exact same time, he expanded the greenhouses, but sad to say, the first seasons had been not fantastic until eventually they figured out how to achieve sustainable generation numbers.” 

End of the time, 2021

Mastering curve
In 2013, Isidoros and his brother took above the management immediately after functioning there as labor employees – and it wasn’t an simple commence at all. “We commenced with a lot of complications and low creation, so we began doubting tips from sure professionals or consultants with whom we experienced the poor luck to companion. We commenced experimenting, readjusting, and repairing items, like kinds, rootstocks, substrate style and quantity, fertilizer brand names, wanted temp and RH%, planting density and setup, irrigation, nutrient option recipes, nutrient ratios, defoliation strategies, EC and WC ranges, as a result raising creation, high quality, and cost.” 


“This period, we do a demo with beef a few headers, in minimal tunnels devoid of shading. A distinct solution to our solitary header setup pertaining to plant power stability and planting density. We will stick to our de-leafing system although, this means that two leaves will be taken off next 7 days”, Isidoros shares.

Rising expenditures
Today, challenges are totally distinct. “There are plant electrical power problems that arrive from lack of increasing applications, like heating, cooling, screens and other issues, like uniformity, that arrive along with an previous, small-tech greenhouse”, Isidoros says. 

“We produce to the central marketplace of Athens and to some regional grocery retailers who choose up instantly from us on the working day of harvest. At the same time, we also do product sales ourselves straight at our hometown’s regional marketplace. So, the increasing energy expenses are not a significant problem with regards to the transportation of our products: we are found in the suburbs of Athens, and every little thing is near to us. Nevertheless, these electrical power charges have a immediate impact on the electrical power which we use for cooling. It also affects fertilizers expenses, but we enjoy the tendencies and inventory up when charges are minimal or begin to raise. It certain is an challenge, even if we really do not use heating in the greenhouse.” Also, the labor expenses and shortages are rising, which is why they downscaled and perform with no staff as a loved ones company. “We view the developments, we inventory up when price ranges are lower or start off to raise.” Isidoros continuously stays on top rated of the developments in the horticultural current market and technology and remembers quite a few developments of good importance to the enterprise. “Organic handle of pest and disorders”, for example. “Selected components and program for checking, decision earning, gaining insight and forecasts about the crop affliction and progress. ‘  

Inspite of that, the latest world problem continues to be a challenging 1. “Of training course, we continually improve our procedures to cut down the manufacturing expense, but If expenses are so large that we just cannot sustain them, we might have to further improve the cost. However, there may possibly be some a lot more chances this season, as marketplace gaps and price tag fluctuations will be developed, thinking about that a ton of greenhouses did not get planted or bought planted later on.”

It is also one particular of the good reasons why they made the decision to concentration on tomatoes. “We mostly develop beef tomatoes, then cucumbers and zucchini, also out of doors-developed broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, and other seasonal merchandise. From now on, we will focus on tomatoes.” 

greece2IPM is of very important significance to the corporation.

Excellent, texture, and taste
The rationale driving that decision lies in the increasing demand from customers for good quality tomatoes. “Our individuals want to encounter the texture, flavor, and flavor of a actual tomato. There is no compromise on that, and we have constantly delivered it given that day 1. You just cannot fool the shopper. I remember some years ago when, at some position mid-period, we substantially dropped the EC in the slab, and then we received adverse feedback about top quality.” 

With that in thoughts, the firm leverages procedures and realistic awareness to answer the market’s calls for. “There are opportunities for all those who feel outdoors of the box, who are very unique in what they want to introduce in a sure industry, and who are incredibly economical in generating it”, Isidoros claims. “I consider that there are no extra chances for people today who aim exclusively on kg/m2. Shoppers won’t try to eat kg/m2, they will take in good quality and are keen to fork out for it. This is how we get a bigger rate as a producer.

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