You could BREAK A TOOTH on this pumpkin pie!

Homemade Oriole Bird Food

If you are going to use an oriole feeder, consider making your own homemade Oriole bird food. Here is an easy recipe and more tips for attracting Orioles.

Fake Roses Won’t Die

Looking for the perfect way to send an “I love you” to a soldier stationed overseas – Fake Roses don’t dies

Garden Hoses – 3 Tips You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Garden Hose

Being a homeowner, having a garden hose is one of the neccessities of life. Whether it is for washing the car or caring for your garden, a hose will always come in handy around the house. Most people though will give little thought as to what kind of hose to buy. Here are some simple tips to help you know what to look for in buying your next garden hose.

How to Succeed With an Indoor Herb Garden

If you like cooking with herbs and have a wish for an herb garden, but don’t have the yard space, consider an indoor herb garden. The most common type of indoor herb gardens are those in which you have a long windowsill and space to place pots on it. But don’t despair; there are other ways to grow herbs indoors.

Flowers by Season

Learn which flowers belong in which season, perfect for weddings, gifts, or parties…and which flowers are great year-round.

Shedding Light On Shade Gardening

Shade gardening is one of those horticultural techniques that seems to have originated as an answer to a problem and gained so much popularity that gardeners strive to intentionally recreate the exotic environment that their predecessors were trying to overcome, much like the rock garden or bog garden. Whether you are looking to grow a shade garden because your only other option would be to cut down a couple of trees that your family planted eight generations back, or because you are looking to add a rugged touch to your bland suburban garden, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to be successful.

Organic Herb Gardening, Grow Herbs Organically

Organic herb gardening, for those who don’t have enough time to devote to the garden or maybe you are a new gardener, is the garden to start with. If you have a small area, then an organic herb garden is ideal as it need not take up much room. Organic Herb gardening is a popular hobby and is so simple and easy to do, the children can get involved and grow to love gardening.

Fencing Options for a Flower Garden

Do you have a flower garden and are interested in making it even more beautiful? A wonderful option is to have a fence around your garden to make it a private place that seems even more beautiful with all the other elements of the world shut out.

Elements of Fountain Garden Landscaping

There are many design elements that are important to a fountain garden and one of the most important is the fountain itself. Today many gardens have fountains and they are a beautiful accent to a garden not to mention they lend an air of serenity and tranquility to an outside garden that is unmatched in gardens without water features.

Components of Flower Garden Landscaping

When it comes to flower garden landscaping you want to make sure you create a beautiful place for you to enjoy not to mention a place that visitors will brag on! There are several components of flower garden landscaping that are considered very important and then there are others that are simply up to your personal discretion.

In Your Garden

Gardening can provide each person or gardener a time to call their own forgetting the stress of everyday life. As you tend your garden, you will marvel in its growth and beauty and tranquility it provides. Proper tools garden tools can make the work more pleasant as well as much easier.

Bonsai – What And What Not To Do

Learn essential elements of a great looking bonsai. Also learn elements to avoid on your bonsai.

Organic Garden Pest Control – Getting Rid Of Unwanted Guests Without Chemicals

Every garden has pests but getting rid of them with chemicals can be costly to the environment and to your health. Here are some ideas on how you can get rid of unwanted insects with natural means.

Tomato Plants and Black Fungus Disease

How to deal with the most common killer of tomato plants, the dreaded black fungus disease, most common in Europe and slightly cooler, and more humid climates.

A DIY Guide to Raised Gardens

Do you know that building a raised garden is just the work of few hours? Anyone can create the raised bed garden with the various easy accessible materials that found easily. When you simply create a garden at your home either backyard or front yard the raised bed gardens are the preferred choice.

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