Growing Rhubarb is Easy

Rhubarb produces a tart flavoured fruit that is often combined with other fruit. It is not complicated to look after, partly because it is a perennial. Rhubarb is classified as either red or green.

Eliminating Lawn – Tips For Getting Rid of It

Are you tired of mowing, blowing, feeding, and weeding your lawn? Paying exorbitant rates on your water bills? Turfgrass, as the professionals call it, is the water hog of the home and garden.

So Long Lawn – Design Tips For Lawn Alternatives

Are your electric bills too high? Want a new look to that carpet of green? Are you bored with mowing, trimming, weeding, feeding?

Indoor Fruit Tree Care – Three Common Problems and What to Do About Them

If you are one of the many gardeners who are enjoying growing fruit indoors with an indoor fruit tree, you know these fragrant small trees are pretty low maintenance. Like any plant though, they will occasionally run into a problem that causes concern.

Climates and Herbs – How Location Dictates

I find it difficult to grow some of the herbs I grew up with, because the two climates are radically different. Here are a few herbs affected by climate and what needs to be done to protect them.

The Joy of Composting

Composting is an aerobic (which means there is air present), natural process through which organic substances, will be broken down into soil-like components. Anaerobic (which means without oxygen) break down might be described in simple terms as putrefaction.

Decorate For the Birds – Tips For Feeding Over-Wintering Birds

Food is scarce for birds during the winter months, and it is a time when they need extra protein. What if all the birds left town during the winter and we had birdless back yards? What if they didn’t return in the spring? Wouldn’t you miss their songs, their mating antics, their nest-building and food-foraging activities! Who would eat and distribute seeds? Who would scrounge around and consume all the insects? Where would they raise their babies? Here are fun and creative ways to supplement their diets.

Herb Garden Plants – Some Great Herbs to Consider For Your Garden

There are hundreds of varieties of herbs from which to choose as you begin to plan your garden. Here is an overview of the broad categories of herbs: culinary, medicinal, and aromatic.

Soil Improvement

Improving your soil before planting is the single most important part of growing a garden, whether it’s a flower garden a vegetable garden or shrubs, trees and lawn. To have the optimal results from the hard work of planting a garden, you must improve the soil first.

Layout For a Small Vegetable Garden – Plan For Efficiency and Style

Do you think that you need a lot of space to grow vegetables in your garden? Small patch of soil will be more than enough if you make a good plan. Learn how to design an efficient layout for a small vegetable garden.

Organic Rose Gardening is Growing in Popularity

Organic gardening is becoming more and more popular, especially with people who have small children. It is nice to know there are no dangerous chemicals being put on your garden. Although roses have a reputation as being tricky to grow, with the right tips and techniques organic rose gardening is possible.

Shaping a Bonsai Tree

Shaping of your Bonsai tree should really begin even before you purchase the Bonsai tree. The first step in shaping your Bonsai begins with a plan.

Rose Planting For Healthier Roses

There is a form of rose planting known as rose budding. This is when the canes (stems) of one plant are grafted (plant tissue of one plant joined to another plant) onto the rootstock (root used in grafting) of another plant rather then growing on its own original roots. Why take a cane off of one plant and attach it to another?

Stone Troughs For Use in Gardens

Stone Troughs have been used for Garden Decoration for a good number of years now. Their uses are varied, with many people opting for use as a Garden Planter and filling it with some of the smaller and more decorative garden flowers such as Fuschias, chrysanthemums and Pansies, along with some of the larger flowering plants for variety and impact.

Growing Spices and Herbs Indoors For a Healthy Appetite

A herb and spice garden can be very stunning in looks and useful for a family. Growing spices and herbs of different varieties including the rare ones can become a source of envy. Nowadays, numerous homes want to plant a garden that will not only look good but might probably be beneficial in getting fresh and free greens,vegetables, herbs and spices for a healthy appetite.

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