YIKES! The First Frost Snuck Up On Us!

Compost Tea – A Quick Boost For The Garden

Compost tea is a quick “pick me up” for the garden in much the same way a nice cup of hot tea is for most gardeners. It is simple to make, easy to use, and great for the garden.

Homemade Hydroponics – Why Garden With Hydroponics

Just like plants grown in soil, plants grown using hydroponics need light, oxygen and nutrients. So what makes hydroponics gardening better than normal soil gardening? With hydroponics you can control all of the elements your plants need to thrive and flourish. You can make sure your garden gets everything it needs in the correct proportions. This gives your hydroponics grown garden some very important advantages over a soil garden.

Compost Piles – Feeding the Farm

Compost piles are feeding centers for billions of microorganisms. While it may be said that inside every gardener is a farmer waiting to get out, in reality every gardener with a compost pile already has a huge number or plants and animals under his or her care, grazing and growing in the midst of the pile.

Compost Piles In Winter- It Can Be Done

Compost piles generate a fair amount of heat. Some composters record temperatures in excess of 160°F in a fast compost pile. However, the cold days of winter can force the heat to drop and the composting action to stop. How then, might one keep a pile active over winter?

Compost Accelerators – Use The Ones At Hand

Compost piles are a feast for millions of microorganisms. Once the proper mix of food, moisture and air are available, the parties come to the feast and do their work. However, most of those who compost want it as fast as possible and some suppliers of garden materials tell us we need an accelerator or starter for the pile to make it work faster. They are only half right when it comes to an accelerator for the compost pile.

Compost Pile – Building Tips

Compost piles may be contained in bins or other enclosures or simply piled on the ground. Whichever you choose there are some simple things to consider before the pile is established.

Making Compost – Is It Ready?

Compost may or may not be ready for use. In fact, compost that has been only partly prepared may harm the growth of plants by leaching nitrogen as it continues to decompose in the soil. How is one to tell when the compost is ready and to what uses may it be put?

How To Grow Organic Beans – One Of The Top 10 Super-Foods

Beans – both fresh and dried green beans are rich in the B vitamins and potassium. They may have even more antioxidants than blueberries and as much cholesterol-lowering fibre as oats (another super-food). They also are an excellent source of lean protein. Beans will do best with a long, warm to hot growing season. They should be grown in full sun and need ample amounts of water to grow vigorously.

Top 10 Veggies For a Kids Garden

Many children find great joy and satisfaction in growing their own vegetables and then serving them up for dinner. Here is a list of easy and quick to grow veggies that are perfect for a beginner’s garden.

The Best Garden For Cooks

There is nothing like the taste of a fresh salad that was growing in the garden just 10 minutes ago! Here’s a look at how to do just that.

Gardens, Garden Tips 2

We think we must have brought some of the sun and good weather back with us from Cuba which is what the gardens need, as we have had a couple of really good days since we have been back. We all agreed that our holiday in Cuba has been one of the best we have had and that we will go back at sometime. The people are friendly and hard working, especially when you find out that their average day pay rate is the equivalent of about seventy pence!

The Benefits of Switching to Organic Plant Food

Even though switching to organic gardening may seem to be a tough task for many gardeners who are used to sprays, fertilizers and chemical dusts, the results are rewarding and worth all the efforts.

Organic Vegetable Garden – Your Source of Healthy Veggies

Benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables are very well known to everyone. It has been said a lot about their impact on our immune system and metabolism. Fruits and veggies are a great source of many essential nutrients so necessary for our bodies to stay healthy and active. We all agree that a healthy diet is impossible without veggies, but it is equally important that our vegetables are natural and not stuffed with chemicals and pesticides.

Growing an Organic Salad Garden – More Than Just Gardening

Gardening, being one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies has such benefits as bringing the entire family together and providing good health. While growing flowers is rather aesthetic joy, growing your own vegetables and herbs is something more practical and you can enjoy the crops in a much greater way. Having your own organic salad garden will ensure fresh and purely natural foods on your table nearly all year round.

Organic Soil for Gardens – The Best Choice For Any Gardener

The soil is the most important part to maintain in any garden – it is the building block for all your plants. Therefore, you have to enrich it with essential nutrients so that your plants grow healthy. Using organic soil for your garden has proven to be the best choice for any kind of gardening.

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