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So You’re Planning On Building A Garden That Has A House In It! – Part 1

A well designed garden offers you a sense of address – a personal setting that complements the architecture of your home and supports and enhances your lifestyle. It is a living work of art, an extension of your living area. It has structure and it balances your practical needs with your desired aesthetics. It is value adding to your property.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Using outdoor lighting during the night to accentuate the features of your house and garden can create a spectacular effect. Unfortunately, to keep those lights on all night long can be quite expensive. But now, with solar powered outdoor lighting, you have an economical choice.

The Necessary Points to Fern Care

One of the easiest houseplants to care for inside your home is the fern. They are able to survive on low light and require little care. They are a great addition to any home as they add light and interest to any room.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting your own seeds indoors need not seem a daunting task. Seed germination is an integral and exciting part of gardening which is easy with the right tools.

How To Ripen Your Green Tomatoes

Got green tomatoes? Here’s some help and advice on ripening those green tomatoes, or alternatively there’s the classic recipe for fried green tomatoes!

The Amazing Seed

The amazing seed packs everything needed to grow a plant into a compact package. Seeds are produced by all flowering plants and supply both man and animal with food. Seeds are an indispensable part of our world.

Bed Prep – Planting For The Future

Everything inside the human body must coordinate and work together on a daily basis for us to feel and be at our best. When something is off or not working as efficiently as it should, signs show up in how we look, feel and relate to others around us. The same is true for the soil that make up your landscape.

Mulch – The Right Way To Finish The Masterpiece

Spreading mulch is the final step in installing any new landscape or finishing your spring cleanup. When done properly and with a good quality product, mulch will make your old plantings look new and new plantings look better.

A Concise Introduction To Anthurium

Anthurium, also being called as the Flamingo Lily, Painter’s palette or Tailflower is the member of the Araceae or the arum family. There are around 800 species of Anthurium flowers being widely grown in the tropical regions of Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, West Indies, Columbia, Ecuador, etc.

The Long-Lasting Perennials – Alstroemeria

Alstroemerias are the native blossoms of South America which are admired for their beautiful and attractive umbels. Also being recognized as Inca Lily and Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria has been named in honor of Claus alstroemer who introduced its seeds in South America in the 18th century.

Which is Better – Bagging or Mulching?

A question many homeowners with lawns may ask is: “Should I buy a bagging mower or a mulching mower?” Before making a decision about whether to bag or mulch your lawn, it’s best to understand just what bagging and mulching is in the first place. “Mulch” is a collection of organic matter – typically leaves and straw – that cover the ground and helps to retain moisture in the soil and fertilize plants. When one mulches the lawn, they return the cut up grass blades back to the ground.

How To Install a Lawn Yourself

If you want the grass to be greener on your area of the block but you want to save some money installing a lawn, then why not do the job yourself? Here is how to install a lawn; it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Save Your Back! Buy a Snow Blower!

There are several different varieties of snow blowers available. Learning more about your needs will enable you to find the right one for you and your home.

Reading And Understanding Fertilizer Labels

Have you ever been puzzled by the items for sale in a gardening store? Have you seen 3 numbers on a fertilizer bag and had no idea what they mean? You may have the best intentions for lawn care, but except you know what fertilizer is and what fertilizer labels mean, you will be hopeless. Here is a guide to fertilizer labels so you aren’t oblivious when you go shopping for lawn care tools.

Let Your Flowering Peach Tree Bloom With These Planting Tips

Learn about the flowering peach tree, the different varieties, where best to plant one and how to keep it healthy.

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