Yard stepping stones for Mother

Mothers enjoy staying remembered on Mother’s Working day. If your Mother or particular female in your existence is a gardener, she might like a thing for the backyard, one thing lasting, that every single time she sees it she thinks of you. Yard stepping stones can be just that — a long lasting memory.

Garden stepping stones like this “Gardening angel on duty” add a calming touch to any garden.

Stepping stones are like familiar concealed treasures that raise our moods when we appear upon them in a garden route. As gardeners stroll as a result of their back garden acquiring what bloomed overnight, snipping herbs or reducing bouquets for an arrangement and transpire on a particular stone, smiles are spontaneous.


The yard stone in the accompanying belonged to Barbara T., a pretty girl. I was blessed ample to be gifted it by her husband Ben. Every single time I go into the garden and pass the stone I believe of Barbara and how privileged I am to be its caretaker.

Backyard stones with inspiring messages and figures can be located for sale at nurseries and greenhouses. Personalized backyard stones are also easily handmade.

To make back garden stepping stones:


• Concrete. Use a bag of cement like Quikrete, a immediate-established concrete, sold at box stores. Concrete is a mixture of cement, gravel, sand, and crushed stone while cement is a combination of limestone calcium, silicon, and iron. Quikrete is helpful due to the fact it will come in numerous dimensions and can be combined in little batches.

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