Workshop offers small gardeners plant care training

LOWNDES CO. – The “Little Gardener’s Workshop” provides children the chance to master plant growth and care with a get-residence flower or vegetable.


Grow your budding farmer’s eco-friendly thumb at VLPRA’s “Little Gardener’s Workshop.” Children ages 5-12 will plant a flower or vegetable in a consider-residence container, develop a backyard garden-themed craft, and learn about the power of pollinators from a nearby beekeeper.  The workshop is from 10:00 AM to noon on Saturday, April 30th at McKey Park.  The team will meet up with in the grassy area on Roosevelt Drive.  Innovative registration is essential.  It is just $10 for each little one (just one plant for every single having to pay participant).  Sign up by Monday, April 25th at  Kids have to be accompanied by an grownup.

WHAT: Tiny Gardener’s Workshop
WHO: Open up to little ones 5-12 yrs old

WHEN: Saturday, April 30th from 10:00 AM to Noon

Exactly where: McKey Park grassy space on Roosevelt Push

HOW A great deal: $10 (each and every paying out participant receives one plant- no charge for mother and father) Sign-up at by April 25th

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