Working out of home? Try container gardening

We have talked about gardening in lifted beds but often there is not adequate room to increase raised beds. What then? There is generally container gardening. 

If you are budgeting (and who isn’t?) there are some excellent places to search for inexpensive huge pots. The community dollar stores are a wonderful place to start out as are garage and estate income. Ask your mates, much too they may possibly have containers that are taking up area in the garage. Bushel baskets, drums, gallon cans, tubs or picket boxes even pallets can also make increasing containers. 

Just about any seasonal vegetable that you can grow in the floor you can grow in a container. Tomatoes grow perfectly in containers as do eggplants, eco-friendly onions, beans, lettuce, squash and radishes. In 2020 I harvested 18 lbs of sweet potatoes from a whiskey barrel. Never forget about seasonal hers like parsley.

Though any container will do, make guaranteed that there are drainage holes. If not, you can drill or punch your have. Insert an inch or so of gravel or rocks at the bottom to boost drainage. There are several possibilities for your “soil.” The best is to purchase a lightweight completely ready mixed medium. You can combine your very own specifically if you want to experiment with soilless mixes. Try to remember that you want a medium that drains well and does not introduce undesirable pests (pathogens). Watering is critical but do not overwater. After a day need to do it and you can verify on your plants’ progress at the similar time! You can incorporate water soluble fertilizer to the water or include a time launch pelleted formula to your soil ahead of planting. For more facts checkout:

Tower gardens are also a container choice. They help save space and require significantly less drinking water and weeding. Assume of them as a stacked sequence of modest rising compartments. There are lots of kinds of vertical towers for purchase and you can even make your personal. With constrained house in San Francisco, my daughter grows veggies, herbs and flowers in a tower garden. She utilizes a central composting compartment for composting natural and organic kitchen area scraps. She even included composting worms to make it a vermicomposting tube which releases nutrition to the soil and provides her completed compost. So, her backyard tower does what my back garden beds, composting bins, worm bins and drip irrigation do and suits her hectic life-style and little backyard. 

Anywhere you are, whatever you do, no matter what your age, there is a gardening possibility for you. So, get out there, get your hands filthy, and increase some foodstuff. You won’t regret it. 

If you have thoughts, make sure you phone the AgriLife place of work in Odessa at 498-4071 or in Midland at 686-4700 for much more gardening facts.   More information and facts is accessible at and

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