With gardening, it ain’t over ’til it really is in excess of

But, this yr when I returned with my family members the 3rd 7 days in June from a 7 days-extensive trip absent from the farm, I actually thought the backyard was outside of redemption. Some of the crops have been dried up for the reason that of a week of record heat and ongoing drought, many others experienced been chewed by deer and the rest experienced endured a blend of both of those.

I was all set to till up the backyard and buy my vegetables and fruit at the farmers marketplace, but my partner, Brian, and daughter, Ellen, have been determined to save it. They faithfully watered the vegetation right up until they revived, rotating a sprinkler to address some of the rows and hauling sprinkling cans to water the crops that the hose didn’t attain.

The h2o perked up the vegetation ample so that by early August we were being in a position to select some eco-friendly beans and potatoes, and by mid-thirty day period, sweet corn. I was happy to be confirmed incorrect and happy we didn’t ship the vegetables to an early grave, but I still was uncertain we would be harvesting something else.

Potatoes, baked, mashed and in stews, will be part of the Bailey-Gregoire family meals this fall and winter.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

Potatoes, baked, mashed and in stews, will be component of the Bailey-Gregoire loved ones foods this fall and wintertime.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

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I was completely wrong — definitely, actually completely wrong.

Various inches of rain and unseasonably warm temperatures in late August, September and early Oct gave the backyard a major strengthen, and we harvested a bumper crop of tomatoes, carrots, squash, cantaloupe, watermelon, bell peppers, egg vegetation and zucchini.

As always, we also shared our overrun of fruits and greens with family and close friends. I took a huge box of tomatoes to a buddy who will make salsa and shared zucchini and eggplant with good friends who like to cook dinner with them.

In the meantime, the gladiolas flourished and I adorned our eating area table with numerous vases total of yellow, coral, pink and red blooms and nevertheless had plenty of to share bouquets with pals.

After looking like they wouldn't produce a single blossom, the gladiolas in the Bailey-Gregoire garden came to life in late summer.
Photo Contributed by Diana Tveit

After seeking like they wouldn’t generate a single blossom, the gladiolas in the Bailey-Gregoire garden arrived to lifetime in late summer season.
Picture Contributed by Diana Tveit

The late-season generate yielded even superior. I often say gardening is my summer time exercise regime, and this calendar year, I obtained additional-excellent absolutely free-body weight lifting sessions by carrying the watermelons from the backyard to my car so I could produce them to pals or up to the residence so they could decide on them up by the entrance door.

Despite an early drought, watermelon thrived in Ann Bailey's garden in 2021.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

Irrespective of an early drought, watermelon thrived in Ann Bailey’s backyard in 2021.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

In all, we harvested about 40 watermelons this 12 months. The premier weighed 35 lbs . and the relaxation averaged about 20 lbs. Moreover remaining large, the watermelons had been super sweet and long lasting. In fact, we picked the remaining watermelons from the backyard garden on Oct. 10 and even now experienced one to eat at the conclude of Oct.

After a slow start out, the pumpkin crop also thrived, and we supplied mates and neighbors with the large, orange globes they could use for tumble decorating or carving.

Even though we have savored the final of the watermelon, we nevertheless have potatoes, squash and carrots to nourish us for the duration of the next number of months.

After a slow start, the carrots in the Bailey-Gregoire garden flourished.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

Right after a sluggish start out, the carrots in the Bailey-Gregoire garden flourished.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

Most years when folks talk to me the solution to how we increase these kinds of a good backyard garden, I tell them that we can’t take credit for it. I reveal that my excellent-grandparents picked the fantastic garden spot when they selected to put it on the south aspect of the farmstead, and that the trees they planted all-around it shelter it from the wind and maintain in the warmth, so when the rain falls, it is like a greenhouse in the summer.

The buttercup squash crop in the Bailey-Gregoire garden was bountiful.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

The buttercup squash crop in the Bailey-Gregoire garden was bountiful.
Ann Bailey / Agweek

This calendar year, I have to insert to my rationalization that Brian and Ellen refused to let the early-year drought discourage them, and that their watering pulled the back garden via a challenging spot.

Perhaps, the ideal factor about the 2021 gardening period is that it is a reminder that executing what is humanly attainable then relying on faith in God that matters will do the job out when expanding vegetation, as with all matters in daily life, is the very best strategy.

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