Will Our Cucumbers Taste Like Cantaloupe?

Organic Gardening Secrets – The Day Lily Is A Delicious Ornamental

Being beautiful is not the only advantage to the day lily. Bright, orange flowers make it a festive ornamental, but underneath each plant is a crop of small and highly edible tubers. In fact, believe it or not the whole plant is edible.

Growing Herbs

Many people like to grow herbs in their home, either outdoor or indoor. There are many advantages for growing herbs in home. As everybody knows the healthiest foods are vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are rich in all the variety of vitamins our body requires.

Garden Weeds – Proudly Presenting The Worst Weed In The World!

If you’ve never heard of the Dodder weed, this would be good place to start. For if it gets into your garden, it could ruin it!

Weed Control – The Best Garden Plants Can Be The Worst Weeds!

We usually think of a weed as an unwanted plant in the garden. However, a far greater problem is caused by garden plants that escape into natural habitats.

Indoor Vegetable Garden Vs Outdoor – Planning And Preparation

Article reveals why and how to choose between indoor and outdoor vegetable gardening, the advantages and disadvantages to both. Each will have it’s own set of challenges when it comes to soil preparation, watering, lighting, disease and pest control. You’ll need to choose the method that best suits your circumstances.

Why Choose A Chia Herb Garden?

Many chefs and cooks buy their herbs from the supermarket. They either buy growing plants that they can cut and use as necessary, or freeze dried in ready made containers that they can keep in their cupboard. Both methods have their advantages, however nothing beats growing them yourself at home.

How To Use Hydroponics Supplies

If you are in the market for a hydroponics gardening system there are a variety of systems that you can choose from. Between the practically maintenance free systems to others that require a bit more attention, gardeners of all levels – be it hobbyists or the professional – can enjoy growing indoors year-round.

Hydroponics Supplies Are Needed For Indoor Gardening

Fix the air pump inside while the other container should be fixed over the nutrient storage unit, filled with clay pellets that expand. Drill holes so that drainage is proper after you install the flood and drain system fittings in one of the containers and the overflow one in the other. You will also need to connect the tube from the water pump to the drain fitting. The last but not the least step for effective hydroponics is connecting the water pump with the timer that is set for the flood and drain cycle after you fill up the nutrient storage unit with the rich solution.

Tips On Growing Indoors

Originally, rockwool was invented for use as home and building insulation. The first hydroponic gardeners that realize the usefulness of this substance were those living in Denmark; since then, it has become commercially available for use in hydroponics in two forms: rockwool cubes and rockwool cubes. The manufacturing process is similar to that of cotton candy; once stone and sand has reached the melting point, the fibers are spun into many different sizes and shapes.

The Ultimate Perennial Flower – Lupins, Raising Them From Cuttings

The modern lupin has only been around since the 1930’s. It was bred by George Russell, a recluse, by crossing the blue lupin from North America, with tree lupins and annual lupins. Thanks to his work, the modern perennial flowers now seen in our lupins, have bigger flower spikes and richer colours.

Garden Tool Organization 101

5 Tips on how to organize tools. Keeping garden tools organized makes them easy to find and gardening more fun.

5 Reasons To Use Mulch

There are some gardeners who never use mulch, while other gardeners wouldn’t think of planting anything without using it. There are at least 5 good reasons to use mulch.

Vertical Vegetable Gardening

Is home gardening synonymous with “large backyard’ for you? The fact is that you can grow as much produce as you’d like, even from an apartment by utilizing vertical produce gardening techniques. Vertical produce gardening relies on minimal space to maximize production of fresh fruits and vegetables from the comfort of your windowsill or balcony.

Rose Garden – Diseases, Symptoms And Treatments

Article reveals that rose diseases and fungi can destroy your rose garden. It can be heartbreaking to see all of your beautiful plants and flowers destroyed by a seemingly meaningless disease or fungus. Roses can become weaker during the colder months and they are more susceptible to diseases once the warm months start again.

Tips on How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes

For many, there is nothing like walking out to your backyard garden paradise and pulling a fruit or vegetable straight from the vine and eating it. Plus, there is a certain amount of pride in knowing you grew what you are eating. This fact holds true for growing tomatoes. Having your own garden allows you to make the attempt to grow great tomatoes full of flavor and nutrition. Here are some tips to help you grow the best tomatoes possible.

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