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Spring is Near – Basic Lawn Care Tips to Remember

A list of basic lawn care tips. Specific tips for aeration, mowing, trimming, proper watering, dealing with shaded areas, and seeding, etc.

Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit With an Indoor Fruit Tree

Jump on board one of the most popular new gardening niches – growing fruit indoors! Indoor fruit trees are perfect for gardeners of any skill level, or anyone who enjoys fresh fruit. More new varieties are being introduced, and these easy care and fragrant trees are perfect for any size living space.

Keeping Your Garden Organic

There is a lot of emphasis on the health benefits of vegetables, herbs and fruits . Farmers are turning away from pesticides and hormone enhanced food, to produce products that are healthy and more natural for a growing demand of pure produce. The only catch with this new trend is that it is expensive.

Irrigation – Carrying Out Routine Checks On Your Garden Irrigation System

It sounds routine and boring. Yet checking your irrigation system well before the end of winter is a good habit to get into.

Modern Garden Design With Wall Fountains

Choosing the right water features for your modern garden designs involves a lot more than simply the aesthetic flavor. Wall fountains are becoming increasingly popular as a staple feature of entryways, patios, decks and lobbies not to mention extraordinarily popular in gardens and yards. Take your time to choose the right one that fits what you are looking for.

Herb Garden Planning for Success

Unlike many other plants in the garden, herbs will flourish on their own with minimum care. Compared to plants like roses and tulips that require frequent trimming and spraying, herbs will grow well in even poor soil, needing just a little bit of fertilizer and much less watering than most other plants. Just a little planning can go along way in growing herbs successfully…

Ripening of Chillies – Why Are There Different Colours

As with anything to do with plant biology, the ripening of chillies is a complex process. In fruit cells, chlorophyll molecules absorb blue and red light which means that green light is reflected (which is why the fruit are green) Also, molecules of anthocyanins and carotin are present in smaller quantities in the fruit and reflect yellow and red/purple respectively. In most plants, chlorophyll is present in massively greater quantities and completely masks other pigments during the active growing stage.

Eat Green – How to Grow Your Own Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Organic gardening is not just about what chemicals you use and don’t use, the goal is to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem in your back yard. And it is not difficult! Find out how easy it is to eat green in this fascinating article.

Organic Indoor Gardening – Not As Hard As It Sounds

Organic gardening sounds intimidating to a lot of people. After all, to qualify for the organic standard, foods from organic farms have to meet some pretty tough criteria. However, it’s not really hard to get started on your own organic indoor garden.

Phosphorus For Your Garden Plants – Its Crucial Importance And How To Apply It Correctly

It is absolutely necessary that the garden plants have an adequate supply of phosphorus. It is not always straight forward to apply it effectively though.

Water Butts – What Are They?

A water butt is a large often plastic container used to collect rain water. It is a great way to help the environment – not to mention the money you will save if you are on a water meter.

Plan For Your Garden With Garden Planning Now

Before you plant your garden, or even break the fresh new ground for the first time, you need to make a plan so that you know beforehand how to go about making the garden a pleasure instead of a chore. Preplanning will make the gardening easier and more enjoyable, and here are some tips to help you do just that!

A Garden is Natural Art

Gardening is a form of natural art. No two gardens are alike. Find your motivation and inspiration in this beautiful article.

Planting for the Birds – Providing Cover

Essential to creating an Eden to which many species of birds are attracted is cover, places where birds can hide when startled. Birds will want to check out your feeders and baths from safe havens nearby. Shrubs and trees can fill this function. Likewise, rock walls or brick piles or stacks of wood provide cover and nesting places.

Penang Botanical Gardens – Taman Kebun Bunga

Penang Botanical Gardens or fondly refer to as “Waterfall Gardens” was established by the British back in 1884. The garden are bound by evergreen tropical rainforest and divided by a cascading stream and sprawling with 29 hectares of prime and undulating grounds. The lush greenery gardens are Penangites favorite park and a popular tourist destination.

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