Wild Seed Challenge lecturer to share gardening ideas for habitat, pollinators

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Anna Fialkoff, application manager at The Wild Seeds Venture, will give a lecture on gardening for habitat and pollinators at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 21, above Zoom. Laurie Burhoe photo

The Kennebec Estuary Land Trust plans to welcome Anna Fialkoff, software supervisor at The Wild Seeds Challenge, for a lecture on gardening for habitat and pollinators.

The digital lecture will consider area at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 21, and will element backyard garden administration practices that finest encourage area wildlife. Contributors are encouraged to talk to thoughts all through the Q&A part of the lecture.

In gardens, plant choices decide which creatures go to, keep or go by. When and how to cleanse up leaves or slash plants back affects life cycles of salamanders, bees, birds, moths and butterflies, according to a information launch from the Bathtub-based rely on.

Members can study how to produce habitat in the backyard 12 months-spherical even though balancing workload and back garden aesthetics.

Registration is free and expected to get the Zoom connection for the presentation.


The Wild Seed Job encourages applying indigenous plants in all landscapes to safeguard wildlife habitat, support biodiversity and mitigate the outcomes of local climate improve. A nonprofit organization, Wild Seed Job sells seeds of wild-type indigenous crops, educates the community, and promotes re-wilding efforts in Northeast landscapes.

Fialkoff works to more the organization’s educational programming, deepen relationships with partner businesses, and catalyze a motion to re-wild Maine.

For a lot more details and to sign up, take a look at kennebecestuary.org or connect with 207-442-8400.

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