Why January is the Month to Plant Wildflowers

Gardening Basics For Every Gardener

When you start a garden and want to make sure it stays in good shape, you will need a basic understanding of what to do. As a gardener, you will have the rules of Mother Nature to guide you, working with the simple, natural requirements to nurture and give each plant in your garden the best chance to grow abundantly.

The Wild Garden: Seaside Gardens

When we speak of wild gardens we do not usually mention seaside or ocean gardens in the same breath. However the wild garden can be built in any gardening context or environment. Clearly, the wild garden in a seaside location needs to take account of the local micro-climate and soil conditions.

Tips To Improve Your Garden Decor

Learn tips on how to improve and enhance your garden decor.

All About Better Homes and Gardens

The history of Better Homes and Gardens, how it started and a review of its current web site.

Try Something Different With A Japanese Garden

Be different from your neighbors and friends, check out the wonders of creating a Japanese Garden.

Rose Garden Can Be An Owners Pride

Tips and useful information on how to create the perfect rose garden.

Picking and Maintaining The Perfect Shrubs For Your Garden

Picking the right shrubs for your garden is essential. Learn more.

Learn All About Horticulture And What It Entails

Learn all about horticulture and what it entails.

Enliven Your Creativity With Your Garden Designs

A proper garden design is a must if you are considering making your garden, your sanctuary. Learn more.

Garden Sheds Are An Extension Of Your Home

Garden sheds can offer you the versality of a much more expensive home extension. Learn more.

Uncover The Mystery Of A Zen Garden

Learn about the mystery and history of a zen garden and how to create one.

Enhance Your Garden Surroundings With Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can make the difference between an average garden and one that truly shines. Learn more.

Tips To Create A Perfect Flower Garden

Creating a flower garden is not quite as difficult as you thought. Learn more.

All About Gardening Tools

The right choice and use of gardening tools is essential in getting your gardening job done. Learn more.

Herb Gardens Are A Delightful Addition To Any Garden

Creating a herb garden can be a healthy and fragrant experience. Learn more.

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