What to grow next 12 months

The end of the year is when gardening publications commonly have articles titled anything like the above.

Each and every yr new crops are introduced to the gardening trade that are “newer and better” than individuals we have been purchasing for yrs. As gardeners near out the recent 12 months and start off planning for next calendar year, new introductions are built to entice us to contain some of these in our gardens.


I have mixed emotions about all the new crops. The industry breeds new crops for several factors. Obviously it is a way to remain a feasible small business. By building new crops that fill a have to have, new stock is designed that gardeners will want for certain causes, which will produce new profits.

One particular remarkably touted purpose for a new plant is that it has been bred for condition or insect resistance. 1 illustration I keep in mind from previous yr was a Monarda (bee balm) that was pretty mildew resistant, a common challenge in this outdated-fashioned flower. If I nevertheless grew bee balm this would be beautiful to me for the reason that mildew in these bouquets destroys their attractiveness.

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