Artificial Flower Arrangements Can Brighten Any Room

Need something to make your home stand out? Consider artificial flower arrangements that will make a lasting impression.

Growing Roses Indoors As an Inexpensive Source of an Abundance of Roses

You like roses, you love roses, you love having them around, you love giving them to your significant other but oh that price tag. Roses are just way too expensive to keep an abundant supply of them on hand. Well I guess you will just have to sacrifice.

The Art of Garden Edging

Garden edging is the act of creating a border within a yard. This would be the border between the lawn itself and the mulched garden bed. A person may also refer to garden edging as lawn edging, or more commonly, landscape edging. There are several different types of garden edging, and numerous tools with which to do so.

Garden Planning Permission – When Do You Need It?

Before you start a new garden project, it is important to examine the gardening laws and apply for planning permission to avoid having to deconstruct your work. Check with your council’s local planning authority to double check any information as not every authority complies with the same regulations.

What is Garden Planning Permission?

In the UK garden planning permission is a managing process for land and building development. In many instances, an application must be filed and approved for landowners wishing to make changes to their land. This can include adding additional structures or creating to or adding new pavement in the garden vicinity. In some cases, changes do not require it. For example, if an owner erects a wall or fence that is under a certain height and does not obstruct his neighbour’s view or sunlight, permission is not required.

Using Gravel to Beautify a Garden

Utilizing gravel in a garden landscape can produce multiple benefits. It can create pathways, adorn flowering perennials or annuals, and reduce maintenance when added as a weed and grass barrier. Readily available and easy to install, gravel is a good choice to bring interest to a garden. When considering gravel for a garden, the gardener will find a wide range of choices. It is available in many shapes and sizes, and a large variety of colors and natural tones.

Garden Paving Slabs – Buying the Right Materials

Garden paving slabs can make your garden and your entire outdoor area come to life. With so many choices in sizes, shapes, colors and textures that are available today, your yard and garden can be anything from a contemporary and bright space to an earthy and inviting garden nook.

Growing Climbing Roses – It’s Easier Than it Sounds

A lot of new gardeners are a little bit wary of taking on the task of growing climbing roses. However, it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. One good option is to give climbing roses a try, since these don’t require as much pruning as other roses and they are easier to maintain.

How to Enhance the Look of Your Home

A beautifully designed garden can enhance the curb appeal of your home. It can also be a place for you to become familiar with the therapeutic benefits of time spent in the midst of plants and trees. When designing your garden you will want to give serious consideration to the number of plants and flowers you include in your design. You want it to be a pleasant part of your life, not a drudgery to maintain.

Paving Your Garden – Using Slabs As Material

Everyone can appreciate the benefits of a well-appointed garden. Not only does a beautiful garden enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard, but it also helps increase the monetary value of your home. Building and maintaining a garden can be difficult and time-consuming work.

Garden Paving – What Materials Would You Need

Gardens require a lot of maintenance. In the end, the work pays off and you are rewarded with beautiful flowers and plants or delicious vegetables and herbs. Walking on paved paths is a nice way to enjoy your garden. Garden paving is easy to do. Read on to discover what materials you need for garden paving.

Do I Need Garden Planning Permission?

You might think that since you own your home and a little bit of property that you can do as you like with it. Unfortunately, this is not the case and there are a lot of things that you must take into consideration when you are thinking about building a new fence or adding an extension onto your house or property. If you have some great ideas about perking up your home, you need to check with the authorities on whether or not you need garden planning permission.

Tips to Maximize the Harvesting of Your Herb Garden

Properly harvesting your herb garden will permit you to enjoy the various array of services provided by them all year long even if you only grow them during the warm months. Always store them in air tight containers so that they don’t lose any freshness and flavor and identify the containers for easy identification.

5 Tips to Caring For Your Bonsai

There has been a lot written on the concept that caring for a bonsai tree requires lots of patience and caring. And while that statement may be true, your bonsai tree also needs other things to thrive. Just as a child needs a combination of love, caring and nurturing so does your bonsai. But unlike raising a child where there are really no guidelines or tips, there are 5 simple tips that will help you grow your tree.

How Pictures of Garden Landscaping Can Help You Grow Your Dream Garden

Viewing quality pictures of garden landscaping can help you design and build the perfect garden for your home – a garden which you would have thought only possible in your dreams. Once you get access to a gallery of beautiful gardening images, you will get the perfect ingredient for your imagination to run free and create the garden of your dreams!

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