We’re Replacing HALF of our Garden with the High Tunnel

Beware of Low Prices For Wildlife Control

Consumers should be made aware of the “make a quick buck” guys out there and the fly-by-night companies quickly popping up in this industry.

How to Choose a Professional Wildlife Control Company

Many states require special licensing to work with wildlife. Does the company have the necessary licenses to operate in your state? A call to your local Wildlife Agency will let you know if this is necessary.

How to Tell if Your Home is Being Taken Over By Wildlife!

Raccoons and Possums can chew on wires, rip up insulation and create a mess with their droppings left behind. Not to mention the big hole they just ripped open to get into your house!

Purple Martin Bird Houses

Purple martin birdhouses are very charming multi-level dwellings that are designed especially for these winged communal dwellers. Usually situated at the top of a tall solo pole, the design of purple martin birdhouses often resembles condominiums or villas. They are much more airy and open than other types of birdhouses which are designed to accommodate “cavity dwellers” which is what a single family of birds is called. Even though they look Mediterranean, the design of the purple martin bird houses is actually a result of form following function rather than an actual deliberate imitation of Latin architectural styles.

Why Not Try An Indoor Herb Garden

If you have limited space outside or none at all then take a look at creating an indoor herb garden.

Indoor Gardening Lights and Shelving

It’s always springtime when you have an indoor garden complete with lights and shelving. With the right setup, you can start seedlings, grow herbs, or experiment with orchids and other flowering exotics.

All About The Shakan Style Of Bonsai

Japanese bonsai sculptors have gotten into developing a lot of involved as well as meticulous types of bonsai wherein every component is situated exactly right. This is obvious within the shakan style of bonsai, or slanting, technique.

Introducing The Kengai Style Of Bonsai Art Of Favorite Of Bonsai Artists

The kengai style of bonsai art (cascade) is included along with the other striking and most wanted, nevertheless additionally more complicated to accomplish. The trunk grows downward beneath the plane of the container, frequently twisting along the way.

Bonsai – The Miniature Work Of Art

So now you have your plant in hand and you are eager to embark on an exotic journey into the fascinating world of bonsai – a living work of art, a tree in a tray – an ongoing creative experience you will enjoy for a lifetime.

The Chokkan And Moyogi Styles Of Bonsai Remain The Foundation For The Many Varieties Of Bonsai Art

Throughout the ages, the sculptors of bonsai have perfected many incomparable fashions. But inside this vast variety remain a small number that have become the foundation of the majority of the varieties.

How Can You Stop Animal Damage In Its Tracks?

Animals can do serious damage to homes and commercial structures as well as landscaping. It is not uncommon for a deer to eat every bit of your wild flowers in a single night! Kind of a “now you see them, now you don’t” trick.

Top Home And Garden Magazines

There is no place like home. It’s a cliche but it’s true. It’s your home so make it look great.

Gardening In Southern California

Due to the low rainfall in Southern California, the soil can be far from ideal. Find out how you can increase your chances of growing the perfect garden in Southern California.

Preformed Liners – A Quick and Easy Water Garden

Preformed ponds offer the fastest and easiest means of constructing a water garden. When properly installed, they are lead-free and can last for decades. With sufficient space, you can often link together multiple preformed ponds. Some ponds, such as Algreen’s Derrilstone basin, have a lip attached to the pond, such that it can serve as both an upper tier and a watercourse.

An Online Buyer’s Guide to Greenhouse Kits

Greenhouse kits are a great way to build your own greenhouse where you can start your own flowers and vegetables instead of paying extra at your local nursery. Find out what you need to know when buying a greenhouse kit online.

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