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Italian Herb Garden Secrets

What is an Italian herb garden? What common herbs are used in Italian cooking. Which are the most common.

Gardening Magazines – A Good Friend

Even when the most experienced gardeners will have a question or two about their garden, you can be sure that the newbie will have plenty of them. They both know that they will find their answers in a good gardening magazine. A gardening magazine normally covers all the aspects of gardening and will have a ready answer for all your questions. You can easily get a lot of information on gardening and also learn about the latest developments in the world of gardening.

A Garden Thermometer and Its Benefits

If you have lived without a garden thermometer for years, you may have written one off as an unnecessary item, maybe even a waste of space. Or maybe you’ve never before considered one because the thought just hadn’t occurred to you. But outdoor thermometers actually bring several benefits to your home.

Why Choose Organic Vegetable Gardening?

Why is organic vegetable gardening better for you and your family? Find out how organic gardening can benefit your garden too.

The Joy of a Garden

Gardening is the most popular hobby and past-time world-wide. It is an activity that provides an almost endless array of things to do for: relaxation, stress relief, fitness, being outdoors, challenge, food, companionship, as well as the sheer joy of seeing something grow.

Designing a Garden – Choose From Many Shapes and Themes But Plan Before You Dig Or Plant

When planning a new garden bed it pays to take a little time to plan the design before you start digging. There are many different shapes and types of gardens, something for everyone and every purpose.

Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #3

Using intermittent mist allows you to produce multiple crops in one growing season because the cuttings root very quickly. Under optimum conditions, some cuttings can root in as little as 2-3 weeks. If the average growing season in America is 150 days (I know, sounds short, but Google swears it’s true!), you could get roughly 7 crops rooted during the growing season.

Growing Your Own Vegetables – 7 Reasons Why You Should Get Started Now

There is no doubt that vegetables are great for your health. Even those who don’t like vegetables would have to admit that they really need to eat them. There are several choices in purchasing vegetables e.g. supermarket, farmers market, frozen and organic. All have their pros and cons such as convenience, price, and freshness.

Summer Flowers – A Spectrum of Color

The British may be well-known for complaining about the weather, and not without good reason, but the benefits of all that drizzle are the green fields, leafy trees and gorgeous flowers which fill our gardens in summer. What chocolate box is complete without a lid depicting a country garden, with a riot of color in its garden borders?

Italian Herb Garden

One thing you need to be aware of when planting an Italian herb garden is how each type of herb grows. Just as various as the flavors of the herbs are the ways they need to be planted, nurtured, and trimmed. Three popular Italian herbs I’ll be describing in a bit more detail in this article are parsley, oregano, and rosemary.

Bermuda Grass

The most popular grass in the world is the Bermuda grass. There are many advantages in growing Bermuda grass. Let us know the basics of the Bermuda grass.

Pruning Grape Vines – 5 Professional Secrets For Growing Spectacular Grape Vines

Growing grapes is a very rewarding activity, if it is done with the right knowledge. Knowing what to do is the key to being successful. It is the secret to being able to grow spectacular healthy vines, time and time again.

All About Garden Herb Seeds

Starting your herb garden from seeds can be a bit tricky. This article gives a quick discussion on seeds, which ones grow best, and how to prepare them for planting.

Garden Shed Designs

Everyone who owns a house knows that property upkeep can be a chore. It takes a slew of tools and lot of time. Many things can be done to make this task easier. Organization tops my list, and the best way to organize your outdoor item is in a garden shed.

Hummingbird Bird Feeders – Choosing the Right One For Your Garden

Hummingbirds are a common favorite among many bird lovers and hummingbird feeders provide an ideal opportunity to attract birds to your backyard. Hummingbirds can be quite choosy, however if you select the right feeder and locate it in the correct area of your garden you will have the pleasure of watching hummingbirds feeding in your garden year after year.

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