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Companion Planting for the Home Gardener

Companion planting enables the gardener to maximize use of sun, soil and moisture to grow mixed crops in one area. Learn this valuable gardening method.

What Bird Marks the Return of Spring – Our Delightful Red Breasted American Robin, of Course!

Often referred to as the Red Robin, this sociable beauty has become a part of most gardens in North America. What a wonderful way to start the day listening to the song of the robin at daybreak.

What Does Your Landscaping Need?

There are a few different things that any good landscaping will need to be successful. First you should know what a successful landscaping is. To be successful a landscaping needs to be well thought out and all issues must be dealt with and accounted for.

Easy Landscaping

Having a low maintenance front yard is the goal of many people. You can get easy to manage landscaping done by any of the professional landscapers in your area or you can do it yourself.

Bonsai Pots

As we all know growing up a bonsai is an art, the focus is not only the main product in this case plant but also the surrounding which makes the central thing look even better. You should remember that pot is not only a frame of a bonsai it is part of the whole thing.

February To Do’s for Arizona Gardeners

Unfortunately just because it’s February doesn’t mean your yard requires less attention. Instead of putting a lot of energy into your gardens in the spring and fall, try giving them a little attention year-round. The results will be well worth the effort.

Got Moles? Easy ID Tips

Before you begin your assault on the critter in your lawn and garden – make sure it’s a ground mole. These simple characteristics distinguish the ground mole from it’s fellow pests. Use the easy “apple test” to make certain you have the elusive mole.

Lawn Care and Fertilizers

Have you ever looked at a lawn, of a neighbor, in envy, does it look greener than yours, does it remain green for longer especially during periods of hot dry weather or do you just get the feeling that he is better at lawn care than yourself? To be blunt and truthful you have to accept that clearly you have no option but to learn a little about lawn care and the best way to create the perfect lawn is the correct application of suitable fertilizers.

Just Add a Few Bird Feeders to Brighten Your Day

I have bird feeders in view from several windows around my house. The ones I see from my desk and kitchen sink are the most viewed. I find that using a variety bird feeders and bird food is the best way to attract many species of wild birds. Using the right bird food in the right feeder in the right place is the key to success.

Basic Gardening Tools for the Home Gardener

Tools can be bought at garden supply, department or hardware stores and at some lumber yards. Shop carefully for your first garden tools and be sure to only buy quality tools. Good tools should last for many years.

Moon Phase and Organic Gardening Guide

Gardening is the oldest civilized activity of humankind, and it is still one of the most rewarding and least complicated. But even though this universal pastime is pleasant and simple once you know what you’re doing, a helping hand or bit of advice at the start can save disappointment.

Nitrogen – When, How And In What Form To Feed It To Your Garden Plants

Nitrogen deficiency will significantly stunt the growth and development of your garden plants. Throwing on soluble fertilizer will give you immediate results, but at the price of polluting lakes, rivers and the water table. Here’s how you can have one without the other.

Choosing Trees for Small Spaces

When gardening in small spaces our choices can often be limited and this is incredibly frustrating when choosing trees for small spaces. This article looks at the problems faced by gardeners and offers advice and solutions, including a few not so obvious suggestions.

Home Composting Benefits

Home composting is one of the most environmentally beneficial activities you can do in your home. Compost is the way nature recycles organic materials into humus, or soil amendments like fertilizer. Finished compost is great for your plants, as it helps retain water and keep pH levels balanced. Essentially, it is far more effective and nutritious than topsoil, and can be made in your backyard just by using materials you would otherwise throw away.

Green and Brown – What To Put in Your Compost

Many people are unaware of what they should put in a compost bin or tumbler in the first place. Here’s a rundown of what can go in and what has to stay out of your compost pile.

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