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Start a Rose Garden – Growing From Cuttings

Would you like to have a bountiful rose garden without having to buy lots of roses from your local nursery? Would you like to learn how to start growing roses from cuttings that come from your already growing rose plants? If you answered yes to both of those questions then you’re reading the right article.

Four Important Factors to Think About Before Growing Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are a perfect addition to your already planted rose garden, flower garden, or can be used to help make a fence look better. When it comes to picking the best climbing rose for your use, there are four things that you should worry yourself about.

Start Organic Rose Gardening

Organic rose gardening is something a lot of people are trying. It’s not that much different than chemical growing. There are lots of different organic products that are on the market that can be used with roses. There are also organic things that you can use around your house to make an organic compost.

Planting a Stunning Rose Tree Garden

Rose gardens are a beautiful sight to see in anyone’s yard. Now imagine seeing a nice, tall rose tree in the same garden. Rose trees are such a beautiful sight especially when the rose tree has been grafted and has 2-3 different color roses on it.

Start Off on the Right Foot and Learn When to Plant Roses

When to plant roses all depends on your area in which you live in. It also depends on your species and if you are planting bare-root or potted rose plants.

Make No Mistakes When Transplanting Roses, It Could Cost You Your Rose

The best time for transplanting roses is in the early spring or late fall. This is the best time since they are dormant. During the dormant time they are not blooming, nor growing very much. It is less likely for your rose bushes to go into shock during this period. Winter, if you live in the northern states, is when most plants are in their dormant state.

Don’t Let Bugs Doom Your Rose Garden

Bug problems? Everyone has them in their garden no matter what the species, and rose gardens are no exception. There are many bugs that can be infecting your garden. Take a look at your leaves and stems to see if you can see any bugs. If you can not see them with the plain eye you could pull out your trusty magnifying glass to take a look.

Stop Letting Your Roses Die, Find the Best Places to Plant Your Rose

Rose planting is not that difficult if you can get all the info you need on it. It is such a joy to see the results of your hard work and efforts. A goal in rose planting for all rose enthusiasts is to have the most exquisite roses around. Experienced rose gardeners can develop the biggest blossoms and the most beautiful aromas. Rose planting is best done patiently, like an artist painting a mural on a wall. Rose planting is not a complicated thing, but it’s not always that easy of a task.

Composting and Insects

This article explains the various beneficial insects that will set up housekeeping in your compost heap and how they benefit the decomposition process.

Turn Your Garden Into a Get-Away

A garden full of beautiful plants and flowers is hard work. No matter where your home is, a garden is always a great decision to make the yard a more interesting place to spend time. For large gardens and yards, garden furniture and accessories can take your garden an extra step and make it look like a heavenly getaway.

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Knowing which herb garden plants to use is a critical step in creating a beautiful herb garden. Don’t make these mistake and see what to do.

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Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #8

A cutting taken too early in the season will not be in optimal condition for rooting, so if it does in fact root, it will take much longer than 3 weeks. On the other hand, a cutting taken too late in the season may actually have the new wood too hard to root quickly.

Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #7

Whether you want to produce a few plants for your own landscape, gifts for family and friends, or larger quantities to sell, intermittent mist can do it. About the only limiting factors are space and time.

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