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Garden Basics

Garden is a place where our need for beauty and tranquility will be satisfied. It also gives us a sense of personal achievement. Through the garden, we can get ourselves involved into nature.

Rhubarb – Continuing Care and Harvesting

Rhubarb may be low-maintenance, but it does require food and water. Here are a few tips on how to care for your plants for years to come.

Rhubarb – Transplanting and First Year’s Care

Rhubarb is just about the easiest fruit plant to grow. Put it in the ground and forget about it for a generation – it still comes up every year and the tender spring stalks make delicious desserts.

Gardening on a Budget

Gardening may cost you a large sum of money if you do not follow a strict budget. Here are several tips for you to not only lower the cost but also enhance the pleasure.

Garden Plan

A design plan is necessary for your successful garden. A plan is simply a map for you to follow in your garden. When you are planning your garden, you should make the following considerations.

Orchids – Three Simple Steps to Propagation by Division

Orchid propagation is an important step in taking care of your orchids. When you propagate your orchids you will essentially be creating another plant using the roots from the original orchid. I will discuss how to propagate orchids and how you can benefit from this critical process.

Organic Gardening – Types of Composting Methods

Compost systems that can fix everyone’s needs. Tips on choosing the right method of composting that will benefit you the best.

Organic Gardening – An Introduction to Compost

Composting and what is all about. The benefits it gives your garden and how it improves the soil structure of your garden. Rich humus that is full of all the beneficial nutrients you plants need to thrive.

Organic Gardening – Growing Pumpkins in the Home Garden

Pumpkins produce a large orange fruit that is commonly grown for pies, Halloween decor and competitions. It is a crop that is entered in almost all country fair contests. Gardeners that grow this crop for competitions take a lot of pride in the techniques they use.

Organic Gardening – Growing a Vegetable Garden With Limited Sunlight

Tips you should know when limited sun is a problem with growing crops you enjoy. There are vegetables that can be grown in partial shade areas of your yard.

Organic Gardening – The Rat-Tail Radish

Rat-Tail radishes are an interesting vegetable that can be easily grown in your garden or as a decorative plant in your edible landscape, along with making a novel and delicious ingredient in a salad. Their pods have a spicy taste.

Orchid Planting Medium

Orchids are very sensitive when it comes to the type of soil they like to thrive in. Orchids don’t like to live in regular potting soil but rather a mix between perlite and fir bark. You must understand how orchids depend on the type of medium they are situated in and how this affects their productivity. I will discuss exactly what type of orchid soil is needed to facilitate optimum growth.

Raised Bed Gardening Considerations

Constructing raised bed gardens is a big job, and before you begin, there are a number of considerations to take into account. In this article, we’ll explain some of the aspects of elevated gardening to help you make an informed decision about whether this centuries-old gardening method is right for you.

Eco Home Tips – Organic Garden Design

An organic garden brings a vibrant and colorful touch to any eco home. But instead of just the run of the mill veggie patch out the back, having a garden professionally conceived by a landscape architect can add a unique aspect that highlights your own green passion.

Organic Gardening to Save Money on Food

Organic gardening is a great way to save some extra money. Organic gardening will save you money on food, fertilizer, and pesticides when compared to other gardening methods. You can reduce your food costs and do something good for the earth at the same time!

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