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Gardening by the Square Foot

Square foot gardening is an idea to help all types of gardeners. Elderly, kids, those with little room for gardening can all benefit from this system of gardening.

Planning a Vegetable Garden? Where Do I Start?

A checklist is quite helpful when planning a vegetable garden, or any type of garden. A vegetable garden checklist must cover everything you have to do when planning and then, planting your vegetable garden.

Care For Bougainvillea Plant

The Bougainvillea plant is one of the most popular tropical flora varieties that enhance the beauty of your garden to a great extent. Here is a set of tips for you regarding care of Bougainvillea Plant.

Why Making Your Own Greenhouse Makes Sense

So, you want to find a way to go green and provide your family with the best organic produce? You don’t need to go to an insanely expensive boutique grocery store. Instead, invest a little effort in making your own greenhouse! In the long run, it’ll save you loads of money and remain a year-round fixture to your everyday life.

Make Your Garden Elegant and Fashionable

Garden is one of the most beautiful places where a person can saunter carelessly by taking fresh air and seeing the sweet movements of the butterflies. However, garden designing will be dull if there is no proper installation of outdoor furniture pieces in arrayed order. Therefore, if someone wants to bring the lost luster, elegance and brightness to the backyard of the house, he should select the suitable furniture items which will be cute and beautiful in design and super in color matching.

The Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

If you are wanting to relax and watch your the birds on your favorite feeder without having to worry about fighting with squirrels. Then the squirrel proof bird feeder is for you.

Growing Roses in Pots For an Unending Supply of Beautiful Roses at No Cost

If you had an opportunity for an unending supply of roses you would probably take the opportunity. You would always have fresh roses for your vase, actually let’s make that vases, one for every room even the bathroom. You could give them away to friends or neighbors.

Gardening Unplugged and How to Stay Organic

Eating off the grid takes some know-how, especially if you have decided to plant an organic garden. Natural insecticides and fertilizers can be used. Cutting down on the chemicals and drugs we eat, drink, and absorb through our skin every day is a challenge. Starting with food that we grow at home, places this issue a little bit under our own control.

Lawn Problems and How to Solve Them

There are many different lawn problems that are caused by various modes of destruction such as animals, bugs, and pets. Even owners with the most thorough adherence to recommended lawn guidelines can end up having unforeseen problems in their lawn.

Get to Know Your Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic vegetable garden is so called because it is grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other synthetic materials. Before growing your own garden, there are several decisions to be made. These include choosing the right place, deciding on the vegetables, etc. Here we try to provide some basic techniques to be followed to establish a successful organic vegetable garden.

Growing Magnolia Trees

Magnolia Trees are intricately linked to visions of the South. The movie Steel Magnolias is an excellent example of this linkage. Magnolia trees are usually trimmed into the familiar Christmas tree shape, but they grow straight and true when left alone. They can grow as tall as pines under ideal conditions.

Organic Rose Gardening Made Simple

Organic rose gardening may sound repelling but it’s actually a great way to grow healthy roses and it’s easy to do. One great advantage to using the organic method is the fact that you will no longer have to use pesticides to maintain your flowers natural health and beauty. With a little extra effort, an organic garden experience can turn your rose garden into the most beautiful one around, making you the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Enhance Your Garden With Outdoor Garden Lighting

Outdoor garden lighting can really make your landscaping areas from boring to exciting with just a few nice additions. If you are looking to have a garden party or enjoy summer nights in you’re that area of your backyard then you might want to start investing in some really nice fixtures to enhance that area.

The Vegetable Garden and Fruit Care in Early December

When sowing peas and beans at this time of year, bait the mousetrap against hungry mice. It’s also time to tidy up the brussels sprouts, removing discoloured leaves to facilitate picking and to let in the light. Sow onions now if you have your eye on the show bench.

Making Compost – Do You Know These 4 Ways it Helps Your Soil?

Making compost isn’t just a way to keep organic matter out of the landfill. It’s also a great way to improve your soil. Do you know these four ways that it helps you?

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