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How To Make Your Garden Vibrantly Beautiful with Flowering Shrubs

Add vibrant color to your landscape with flowering shrubs. Learn about some common flowering shrubs and how to care for them.

Bonsai Beginners – Caring For Your Blue Juniper

Beginning bonsai artists would do well to choose the Juniper as this is an easy plant to care for. Here are some tips on how to maintain and sculpt your Juniper bonsai.

Bonsai Basics

What is ‘bonsai’, its history, and some tips on how to get started.

How To Find The Major Riding Mower Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of riding lawn mowers worldwide. Let us look at their products and try to get the best out of them

5 Things You Should Know Before Mowing Your Lawn

Lawn mowing may looks like a chore but it is an important aspect of lawn care. In fact, it can be a relaxing exercise. Learn the 5 things about lawn mowing that will help your lawn grow healthily in this article.

The Benefits Of An Underground Sprinkler System

Many people ask if an underground sprinkler system is really worth it? Well, I think you probably already know the answer. Yes, an underground sprinkler system will help green up your yard as well as provide you with an incredible convenience.

Repair And Maintenance Of Your Lawn Mower

A lawn mower can be a homeowners best friend, and in many cases you will need to dig deep to find enough money to buy your lawn mower, which means that most of us want and hope that our lawn mower will work for at least a few years till we have to start thinking about changing or replacing it.

Soil Improvement With Organic Materials

Using organic materials to improve your lawn soil quality is very effective. Discover what these organics materials are and how they can benefit your lawn now.

Lean To Greenhouse – A Valuable Home Addition

A lean to greenhouse can provide many benefits to the home it is attached to. Green plants can be therapeutic, especially in the cold, bleak, winter months. Additional solar heating for the home as well as additional living space. And it can provide a spot to grow seedlings for the vegetable and flower garden.

Maintain A Healthy Lawn With The Right Soil Nutrient Level

Maintaining proper nutrient levels is an important. Discover how you can be aware of the nutrient levels and take steps to correct the levels if they drop below what is needed for a healthy lawn.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a popular choice for garden and patio furniture. Thomas Lee who was seeking ways to furnish his summer home invented Adirondack chairs in the early 1900s.

Mandalas – A Restful Retreat, a Healing Symbol

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. This sacred diagram or meditation symbol is usually circular and is a symbol of the Universe and its energy. It is used in Eastern and Native American medicine for healing body, soul, and spirit. Find out how this author made a mandala garden.

Grow Herbs For Cooking, Companion Plants And Flowers

Herbs are such versatile plants. Their uses include medicinal, cosmetic, as essential oils for aromatherapy, as great companion plants, craft-work and of course to add mouth-watering flavours and aromas in our cooking.

Tips On Buying Your First Chainsaw

Shortcut your first chainsaw buying experience by checking out the following tips.

The Last Chore of the Gardening Year : Raking Leaves

The fall colors look great on the trees, but one storm or good wind will bring all those colorful leaves down onto your lawn and garden.

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