We Were SURPRISED When The PIGS Acted This Way!

The Second Week of December For the Winter Gardener

When you are checking on your flower garden, tips may be pinched out from the tops of the wallflowers to encourage sturdiness.An open, sunny place should be chosen for next year’s annuals and preparations made. All debris from the rock garden should be removed, because Alpines are particularly sensitive to dank, fallen leaves.

Buying Red Wiggler Worms

The potential of Red Wiggler worms in terms of vermicomposting is already widespread. Thus, more and more people come to different stores just to purchase this type of composting worms. It is true that there are many breeders now and there are also many people who grow Red worms but as a buyer, you also have to be careful in choosing the right one.

Electric Garden Cultivator – Luxury, Life Saver Or Lazy Gardener’s Tool?

An electric garden cultivator is certainly convenient and efficient. But can it really be justified? Is it not a luxury for a lazy gardener?

Caring For Roses So They Will Produce More Flowers

Rose garden care consists of many things in this particular article we are going to take the mystery out of pruning and as this is very important to rose health and rose abundance you are going to want to read this. It’s one of the major basics of rose garden care. In the rose gardening world they speak of the “yearly” pruning.

Getting Started With a Greenhouse

A decision to get started with a greenhouse is the easy part. With the scores of building plans and kits available, choosing just the right greenhouse requires careful thought and planning. Here are five things to carefully consider before you take any action.

Manual Lawn Mowers – Three Things You Should Know

Are manual lawn mowers any good? Or are they just garden tools that lack the power and sophistication of their electric- and gas-powered brethren?

How Much Mulch Should You Use?

How often have you just gone out and bought more mulch for your gardens? Do you know how much mulch you should have in the beds? Does the type of mulch matter?

Garden Greenhouse FAQ

In this article you will learn some key tips to consider when thinking about building your own garden greenhouse. Though it may seem complicated, in truth, making a greenhouse of your own can be a simple and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Are You Wondering All About Home Greenhouses?

One of the best ways to enjoy gardening is in a greenhouse. With a greenhouse, you will be able to work with your plants all year long. Learn all about home greenhouses and how you can get the most from them in your gardening.

Rose Gardening Tips For More Abundant Roses

Rose gardening tips should teach us how to have beautiful roses in abundance after all those are the reasons we got the rose plants in the first place. We want beautiful roses and the more the better. One usually thinks in terms of fertilizers when wanting healthy plants so let’s discuss that first.

Meyer Lemon Trees – Your Best Choice For an Indoor Fruit Tree

Meyer lemon trees are one of many varieties of indoor citrus trees you can grow right in your own home. We have found it to be the hardiest and most prolific variety and a wonderful addition to our home for several reasons. Let’s examine why a Meyer lemon tree is your best choice for an indoor fruit tree.

Planting Bare Root Trees

December and January are traditionally the months when bare rooted trees are planted. Recent research indicates bare root trees actually do best when planted in January and February. A bare root tree is a tree that is sold with no dirt or other materials around the roots.

Who’s Got Indoor Blossoms Now?

OK. I confess-I am truly a laissez-faire gardener. Especially when it comes to indoor plants. And yet, right now, in the darkest days of winter, I’ve got a sunroom full of colorful horticultural denizens, cheerfully putting out blossoms.

Gardening With Children Can Be Beneficial For Families

Gardening with children can be fantastic fun. Gardening doesn’t provide the child with the immediate rewards that numerous youngsters expect from life today. It can aid them to know what patience is, along with the importance of looking after things over a period of time.

Growing Squash and Pumpkins in the South

If you want the Great Pumpkin to appear in your pumpkin patch on Halloween you must to plant pumpkin and squash vines in the summer. Pumpkins and squash are related, as both are members of the Cucurbita species. They are native to the Americas, and are well adapted to soils and weather in Texas and throughout much of the south.

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