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African Violet An Indoor Plant

This article talks about the care of African violets, its rest period, and what colors they might bloom.

Gardenias And There Care

This article talks about what temperatures are good for growing gardenias and how to take care of them.

The Differents Between True Lilies And Borrowed Lilies

This article talks about the different types of lilies, how to care for them and what flowers borrow the name lily.

Water Cooled Lighting

All conventional sources of light produce heat as well as light. While some lights sources like the incandescent filament lamp are quite inefficient, producing huge amounts of heat, others like the sodium vapor lamp are somewhat more efficient and run comparatively “cool”. In applications like hydroponics this heat produced in the lamp can have several deleterious effects on the plants in an indoor grow room. It is imperative in such applications that the heat generated in the lamp is dissipated effectively and efficiently so that plant growth is not adversely affected.

Tips On Finding The Right Garden Hose Reel

One of the most overlooked areas in your yard has to be the garden hose. If you are like most folks, the hose just lays out in the yard to get run over or tangled up in. So, what is the answer? Simple, a garden hose reel.

Italian Vegetable Garden

The connection between Italian cuisine and the design of Italian gardens has shaped contemporary garden design, especially in Tuscany. My company ecologica is now designing modern Tuscan gardens that draw upon old agricultural styles and ways of growing food to make stunning, formal vegetable gardens here in Tuscany.

Saving Tomato Seeds – Simple Steps Towards Next Years Tomato Crop

Saving seeds from your best tomatoes is easier than you think, just follow these simple steps.

Italian Herb Gardens

The Italian herb garden, so difficult for us us yet so easy for the Italians…

Out Classed by Roses

What are the different classifications of roses that exist? This is a common question that arises when one is considering starting a rose garden. It may come as a surprise and it may start a debate among rose lovers but all roses are basically the same.


Homegrown medicinal leaves are picked in the spring but the optimum gathering time for Ginkgo is the fall, when the plant’s chemistry has reached its peak over the summer. The leaves should be picked when they are still green, just before they turn yellow because any really yellow leaves mean that the falcons content is past its best and will be only minimally effective. The optimum time of month varies, but generally falls between August and September during this time it is very important to watch the trees daily.

Ornamental Bamboo Plants

The two most popular bamboo plants in the United States are lucky bamboo and ornamental bamboo. Lucky bamboo is a great house plant for people on the go. It doesn’t take very much space, and it only requires minimal care. To keep your lucky bamboo plant happy all it needs is about an inch of water and plenty of direct sunlight. Because of its low maintenance this is a perfect gift for office workers, people who travel a lot, or people who have traditionally not had luck with house plants.

6 Of The Top Organic Fertilizers

Some of the most important organic fertilizers are fish emulsion, seaweed, earthworm castings, bone meal, kelp meal, and rock phosphates. These natural fertilizers will improve your plants, especially yield plants, and are great for the soil.

Learning How to Plant a Vegetable Garden Can be Fun

Learning how to plant a vegetable garden is not hard, but without careful planning and proper follow through, your garden may perform poorly. If done correctly it pays off with big benefits in so many ways. Before you know it you will be picking perfectly ripe, perfectly delicious tomatoes without having to wonder what chemicals went into growing them.

How to Grow a Successful Organic Garden

Growing a great garden is not always easy. Going totally organic can add to the challenge. But just follow a few simple steps and you’ll have a phenomenal organic garden in no time!

Herb Gardening – Great For Food Or Pleasure

There are few things better tasting than foods seasoned with herbs grown in your own backyard herb garden. A small 4 foot by 6 foot herb garden can provide plenty of room to grow enough herbs for a small family. Many common herbs can easily be grown indoors or outdoors for use in cooking.

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