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Designing a Container Garden – Learning the Art of Balance, Beauty and Functionality

Giving your container garden a different kind of style can be a budding image of your entire personality. Embellishments and decorations will serve as an extension of ones individuality as a lot of out of the ordinary and appealing possibilities are endless in this kind of garden setting.

Alfalfa Sprouts – Grow in Your Kitchen

Alfalfa sprouts are full of nutrition. Research shows that sprouts are loaded with antioxidants, and are full of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins and amino acids.

How to Get Container Gardening Right – Choosing Garden Pots For the Best Impact

Making use of container gardening is a great way to bring colour, shape, height and texture into your garden. It’s also an ideal way for beginner gardeners to get to grips with basics of growing things. Container gardening offers so many variations of what you can grow and where you can grow it, that when it comes to choosing what you can grow it in, the choices can seem a little over whelming. This article breaks down the subject of types of garden pots into their different types and suggests whether they might be used to maximize their potential.

Fix Lawn – Yellow Lawn to Green – Dethatching, Aeration, Fertilization – Part 1

There are several different probable causes of a yellow lawn. Here are three reasons your lawn may be yellow and how to fix lawn problems, helps yellow lawns turn green.

Container Gardening – How to Plant Up Your Garden Pots and Get Great Results in 10 Easy Steps.

Most gardeners make room in their gardens for planted pots. There is no denying their versatility and adaptability or how easy it is to ring the changes throughout the seasons. For beginners, container gardening is an ideal place to start; it lets you get to grips with the basics, but in a localized environment, when a huge flower bed would seem rather daunting. The range of pots and plants available on the market is huge, and at first glance over whelming, but once you know the basics of planting up your containers, the sky is the limit with what you can achieve.

Plant Lettuce, Spinach, and Beans

Though I have a relatively small kitchen garden, I teach about gardening and encourage people to grow their own vegetables and fruit. The question I get most often from my readers and students is, What should I plant in my small kitchen garden?

How to Grow Orchids – What to Consider

Before buying an orchid there are some things to consider. By not providing the plant with proper care the plant are more likely to die or get some disease.

Greenhouse Orchids – Your Own Perfect Sanctuary

Greenhouses orchids can be a great asset if you want to grow beautiful flowers. It is not essential, but having a greenhouse can dramatically increase the productivity of your orchids and make them thrive much longer. Discover how a greenhouse can help your orchids thrive.

Five Tulip Planting Pitfalls to Avoid

New gardeners make lots of mistakes. Planting seedlings too close together, trying to grow shade-loving perennials in the sun, and over fertilizing are some of the more common garden mistakes. Here’s a quick list of common tulip planting mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Orchid Care – An Unfair Reputation

It’s a real shame that Orchids have the reputation that they are difficult and fussy to care for, because adopting that viewpoint is to deny yourself the benefits that come with owning and caring for one of the most beautiful species of houseplants on the planet. The reality is that on the subject of, Plant Care: Orchid, it’s true that their care has specific requirements, but that goes for just about every other houseplant as well. So exactly what specific requirements are we talking about?

A Greenhouse Will Add to Your Success

Have you ever daydreamed about owning a greenhouse but are not quite sure how to use one. Find out the advantages of having a greenhouse in your backyard.

How to Make Your Own Organic Insecticidal Soap and Keep Your Garden Chemical Free

Many home garden pest problems can be easily solved by using a little insecticidal soap. Making your own insecticidal soap is a great way to save money on your landscaping budget and keep your garden organic at the same time. It is easy and inexpensive to mix up your own organic insect killer at home, and you won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals on your food.

Can Orchid Mounting Really Be That Easy?

If you want to grow your orchid in its natural environment then you have to read this article. I will discuss how orchid mounting can be easily accomplished with the right information and knowledge.

How You Can Rid Your Yard of Poison Ivy

The poison ivy plant is something that we try to keep our children away from – but what do we do if it is growing in our yard? There are certain methods that we can use that will help to get rid of this plant.

Five HOT Tips For Guaranteed Colourful Summer Borders

Looking for a profession looking colourful display in your summer borders? Your search is over, here are the top five flowers and essential in any garden border. They will reward the owner with stunning colourful summer displays year after year.

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