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Use Fountains to Create Ambiance

Everyone wants ambiance in their home, but few people actually know how to create it. Fortunately, the world wide web makes it easy to find ideas and implement them in to our home decor. You can even search for ideas for garden decor if you really want to create an indoor and outdoor space that is beautiful and comfortable.

Create a Comfortable Home and Garden

Do you look in magazines and see homes and gardens that are simply exquisite? Are you wondering about how you could make your yard and home decor look a little better? Fortunately, it is not that difficult to design a look for your home and garden decor.

Companion Planting For A Healthier Garden

Companion planting is an easy method to make your plants healthier and vegetables produce more. Best of all, it doesn’t involve any work after the initial planting!

How to Clean Terra Cotta Pots – Keep Your Plants’ Homes Healthy and Clean

Cleaning your Terra Cotta Pots can beautify your garden and control plant disease. Learn how to clean your terra cotta pots.

Melaleuca – An Essential Plant For a Mediterranean and Dry Climate Garden

When it comes to choosing the ideal garden shrub, a Melaleuca has to be a primary candidate in a Mediterranean climate. Melaleucas are handsome in form, virtually pest and disease free, and while modest in their water requirements, they tend to grow quickly. They also associate well with many other water conserving plants.

Lawn And Grass Seed For Seattle – Bothell And Mill Creek

Higher quality seed for Western Washington is grown in Oregon in the Willamette Valley. This seed is usually endophyte enhanced which is a fungus that discourages some chewing insect pests and increases your lawns’ stress resistance.

How to Care for Orchids

Growing orchids is a very challenging task, they usually grow in the wild and you have to copy the environment from where they usually bloom and grow. To be able to grow beautiful orchids is a very rewarding experience and like any other houseplants, you can successfully grow beautiful orchids if you know how to care for orchids.

Bletilla Striata Alba

Bletillas are the easiest of all orchids to grow. Bletilla striata Alba features sprays of about a dozen lightly fragrant, pure white flowers that appear for about 6 weeks in late spring. The blossoms resemble miniature cattleyas, but with unusual pleated tongues. Its ribbed, palm-like arching leaves flutter in the slightest breeze and make an excellent backdrop for the white blooms.

Hydrangea Arborescens ‘Ryan Gainey’

White, snow-ball shaped flowers literally cover ‘Ryan Gainey’ starting in late May and lasting almost two months. These blooms make excellent cut flowers and can also be dried to enjoy in arrangements year round. ‘Ryan Gainey’ blooms on current year’s growth allowing it to bloom year after year, even after severe pruning or extremely cold winters.

Climbing Rose Night Owl (PPAF)

Prodigious, vigorous grower – up to 14 feet. Ideal for fences or large trellises. On fences, we suggest planting on every other, or possibly every 3rd fence post. Picture ‘Night Owl’ on a trellis against white or soft pastel-colored siding.

Camellia Japonica ‘Spring’s Promise’

The vivid single rose red blooms are two and a half inches wide with the petals radiating out from the center of golden yellow stamens – a real eye catcher. Shiny foliage is dark green. The plant matures with a spreading habit of six to eight feet by six to eight feet.

Aquatic Plants – What You Need To Know, From A Tampa Bay Store

Information on Aquatic Plants. There are five basic types: Marginal plants, Water Lilies, Bog plants, Floating plants, and Oxygenating plants. When creating a pond it is best to incorporate each type. Aquatic plants are an essential part of the eco-system and the perfect finish to a pond or water feature.

The Twelve Gifts for Gardeners

As a kid, I was always under the impression that the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, referred to the twelve days before Christmas. I always thought the gifts were listed in the song as they were given to someone during the twelve days preceding Christmas and ending up with the Partridge in a Pear Tree being given on Christmas Day.

Mulch In The Garden – The Different Types And How To Use Them

Despite the many benefits associated with mulching garden beds, it is not always desirable. To get the most from a mulch, it’s necessary to choose the right type and to use it correctly.

Attitude and Success – How an Attitude of Gratitude Can Help You Get the Most From Your Garden

Good design and sound horticultural practice are necessary to create a fine garden. A good attitude is crucial too.

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