We Had to PICK THEM ALL…Now What?

Tips For Deciding When to Plant Roses

If you are buying roses from a reputable mail order rose-grower they will ship your roses when it is time to plant them in your area. If you purchase bare root roses they should be planted in the dormant state, however, container grown roses can be planted at most any time during the growing season. Regardless of when you plant, it is a good practice to choose a day that is not windy or very hot.

Planting Container Grown Trees Or Shrubs

Although you can plant container grown or burlap wrapped trees and shrubs year round, they really thrive when planted in the fall. Plant roots will grow anytime the soil temperature is above 40 degrees F, which happens often during our winters. This allows the plant to develop a good root system so that it can take advantage of the spring growing season. It also allows the root system to grow deep into the soil so the plant can survive the hot summer.

Roses Are Red? Not Always – What the Different Colors Mean

Roses are red, says the old poem, but that is not always true. Roses come in a variety of colors, and different meanings have been attributed to each of the different hues. The most popular and well-known color connection is red.

Gardening For Relaxation

When I’ve been stressed out, I’ve found that going out to the garden and pulling a few weeds, or deadheading some flowers is very relaxing. There’s nothing better than nature to reduce the stress.

Propagate Seeds For Your Garden

Planting a seed, seeing it sprout, and develop into a mature plant is a rewarding experience. Being able to select your favorite plants, colors, and as many as you want is icing on the cake. Add to that, big savings in comparison to purchasing bedding plants.

Soil Tests Save Money

Why do you need a soil test? You always put the same fertilizer down at this time of year, so why waste the money? Well, by not spending $10 for the test, you may be wasting a lot of money on the wrong fertilizer. Worse, you may be poisoning the soil and making your plants sick.

Good Companions – Companion Planting With Herbs

Last year the press reported that the sale of vegetable seeds had outstripped the sale of flower seeds for the first time since 1939. Growing your own has steadily increased in popularity and with the aid of potato and strawberry barrels and smaller compact fruit trees and bushes even those with a small garden or patio can grow something productive. Spring is a busy time on the allotment and there is no better time to consider companion planting.

Training Branches to Go Where You Want

Lots of people associate pruning with altering the structure of your tree to match an unusual shape or style. Even so, this is not the truth.

Maintaining a Healthy Young Tree

Making sure that your fruit tree stays healthy is extremely important, but not as hard as some might think. There are several vital things you ought to do: do not harvest all of the fruit on the tree simultaneously; make certain the soil is healthy; look out for pests; plant it the right way; be certain it is protected when it is young. I will increase on all of these things.

Drip Irrigation – Source For the Environment Resources

Drip irrigation is the process of watering or irrigating the plants drop by drop without over-spillage of the water. With such a type of irrigation, water is not supplied in excess quantities. It is delivered often and at low-flow rates, keeping the soil continually moist.

The Outdoor and Indoor Gardener in Middle, Late November

Outside in the garden, late-delivered herbaceous plants can still be planted providing it is mild with no forecast of overnight frosts Inside the house, Azalea indicais a small shrub that flowers exuberantly in a root-bound pot, where there is little room for earth. The plant must be watered generously, sometimes twice a day, or on occasion plunged in a bucket of water. Rainwater, rather than tap water, should be used when possible for this lime-hater.

Accelerate Your Composting With a Compost Tumber

If you’re developing an organic garden, you will already fully comprehend how crucial the part of selfmade compost plays if you are to obtain the most effective results from your efforts. For that reason, owning your own compost tumbler can offer many great benefits. Compost tumblers can make the process of composting a lot easier.

How to Pick the Best Composting Bin For Your Needs

If you would like to get the finest results from your flower beds or veg garden, mixing in fertilizer with your soil is a great idea. The most inexpensive way to get compost is to produce your own!

Tips For Growing Flowers

Growing flowers is a very popular past-time in England and the United Kingdom. Here are some tips on how to grow the best flowers in your garden.

Pots Have Been Used For Ages

In the contemporary period, the terracotta pots have become very popular and people are just crazy about these wonderful pots. If you look back at the history: the sculptures, bricks, pottery as well as the roof shakes were made up of terracotta. Traditionally the initial sculptures were made up of clay and were dried under the sun, after that they were kept in the ash of the open hearths to make them harder.

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