We Can’t Wait to Taste Fried Green Tomatoes!

The Ancient Art of Bonsai Gardening

There are many different plants which can be used for bonsai gardening. Bamboos, pines and birches are good trees to use.

Beginners Guide to Growing Climbing Roses

Now, growing climbing roses is actually not so hard. They are much like ordinary roses only that they can climb way high up. But, these types of roses do not actually grow like vines that can support their own; they would need outside forces to get them to do it.

Lettuce – Plant in Spring and Again in Summer For Cool Weather Harvests

There are few things more refreshing than a salad of sweet, crisp, spring lettuce fresh from the garden – unless it’s fall lettuce fresh from the garden. Lettuce is easy to grow and a good crop for the beginning gardener.

Spinach – This Cool Weather Vegetable is a Favorite All Year Long

Spinach comes in three basic varieties: smooth leaves, curly leaves, or semi-curly leaves. Spinach is a cool-weather vegetable that is fairly hardy, considering its origins near the deserts of the Middle East.

Organic Fertilizer – What You Need to Know Before Using Organic Fertilizer

Like anything else in life you truly need to understand something before you can use it or recommend it. This can also be said for what you need to know when using organic fertilizer.

How to Grow Your Own Chillies

Chilli peppers can turn from immature green or purple through to yellow, orange and red, and with their fiery flavour, they have many culinary uses, from spicing up stews and stir fries to jellies and sauces. As members of the capsicum family, they are thought to predate the larger, milder peppers and to have been in cultivation for more than 9,000 years.

Hydroponic Closet

Does your neighbor laugh at your lettuce and gloat at your greens? Do you cringe at your carrots and sob at your strawberries? If he does and you do, it’s time to take your gardening indoors.

Save Time, Money, and Energy With an Installed Lawn Irrigation System

The summer shouldn’t be spent toiling over yard work, fretting about water bills, or untangling a hose. This is why many homeowners are installing lawn irrigation systems in Maple Grove or Plymouth MN to help save on time and money.

The Importance of Greens and Browns in Composting

When you’re creating compost, having a good mixture of both green and brown materials will help your compost materials decompose faster, the finished compost will be better for your plants, and you’ll be able to use your compost sooner too. Greens and Browns in composting are just nicknames for the types of organic materials you add to your compost pile.

Ideas For Making Your Own Compost Bin

If you’ve decided to start making your own compost, you’re probably wondering what type of compost bin, bucket or container to use for it. There are actually many options for both indoor and outdoor compost bins and containers, but they’re also quite easy to make yourself too.

Composting Tips & Techniques

Organic material will naturally decompose on its own, without you having to do anything. You can help the decomposition happen faster however, when you know the different steps and techniques involved. Organic material decomposing is all composting is. You’re just doing it on purpose instead of leaving nature to take it’s course in the wild.

The Beginners Rules For Bonsai

One of the most fascinating hobbies is the raising of trees from seeds sown directly in a shallow container. Bonsai for beginners can be a most satisfying task. If the seedlings are allowed to grow for a few years, they appear like a miniature forest; the same may be done with cuttings, which often produce beautiful bonsai specimens.

Late Blight – What it is and How to Control It

Late blight is a plant disease that attacks both potatoes and tomatoes. The fungus that causes Late Blight survives over winter throught infected potato tubers. Although harmless to humans, it can be devastating to crops and is blamed for the Irish potato famine of the 1840’s which resulted in thousands of deaths due to starvation.

Transplanting Roses

If you’re moving, it would be a shame to leave your rose bushes behind. Perhaps you’re not moving and you would just like to move your rose bushes to a new location on your property. Whatever the reason for transplanting roses, you should know the proper way to do this without damaging the plant.

Growing a Healthy Lifestyle in Your Garden

You can supplement your plans for a healthy diet by growing your own vegetables! That’s right; grow your own mouth-watering vegetables in the privacy of your own backyard. It is not as difficult as you might think. There are a few simple things to consider before you start.

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