We Can’t Believe They Are Only 5 Weeks Old!

How to Control Moss on Lawns

Advice on the problems of moss on turf and lawns. We cover the conditions that moss favours, the prevention and control of this common lawn problem.

Perennial Flower Garden Ideas

Bee balm comes in many different colors, and can range from a deep burgundy red, which is an attractive choice and will also gather hummingbirds and butterflies. Nearly all varieties of bee balm are quite hardy and will grow well in any climate, however there is one which is not recommended.

Color in the Garden – How to Get the Best Out of the Different Hues

Designing color in the garden is not only a question of creating harmonies and contrasts. It is also a matter of understanding the varying properties of the different hues.

Flower Garden Layouts

The home flower garden is one of the best ways to spruce up your home and to lend it a bit of “curb appeal” It is used by those who dress up homes for sale. The flower garden layouts that you use will depend a great deal on the size of your yard, and how much room you can dedicate to flowers or flowering herbs.

Is Organic Gardening For You?

Are you a beginner to organic gardening? Maybe you’ve grown a few veggies before, but not with organic methods. Or maybe all you’ve managed to grow in the past has been “weeds”. But if you’re interested in growing an organic vegetable garden… keep reading. So just what does organic gardening mean? Basically it means growing in harmony with the environment – using simple systems and techniques that benefit your garden without resorting to the use of any chemicals.

5 Top Tips to Have a Great Garden For the Summer

Getting the best out of your garden for the summer months need not require an extreme effort on your part, getting the flower beds looking their best or performing some simple lawn care can change your gardens appearance overnight here are a few summer garden tips. Plants such as the bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana) combine their leaves to cover anything that you want to conceal or improve, for example, an ugly low wall. In mild sun and shadowed areas it does very well giving a good blanket of colourful cover.

When Do I Need to Water My Plants?

What many people do not realize is that too much water is just as bad as too little. Roots need both water and oxygen, and when surrounded by water, they cannot take up oxygen.

Bonsai Wire – What is it & Why is it Used?

Have you ever wondered how people get their bonsai trees to grow in the shapes and styles that make them so beautiful to behold? Wiring is a technique that is used to achieve these different directions of growth.

Bonsai Soil – How is it Different?

You may have noticed that the soil used for bonsai trees is specifically referred to as bonsai soil. The reason for this is that the make up of bonsai soil is considerably different to normal houseplant soil. In the case of a normal house plant, we want to develop a root system that continues to grow, and we ‘upsize’ the pots as the plant grows larger and larger.

Bonsai Tools For Beginners

So, you have a bonsai tree, congratulations! Do you know what kind of tools you’ll need? What! I need tools?, I hear you say. Don’t panic, you’ll only need these few essentials when you’re starting out.

Natural Methods to Control the Pesky Pests That Are Destroying Your Lawn, Garden, Flowers Or Trees!

Suggestions to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides to control pests in the lawn, garden, flowers or trees. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) focuses on keeping people, pets, and the environment safe from the dangerous synthetic chemicals used in pesticides.

Is Gardening Making a Comeback?

Gardening has been a major source of food for ages; however due to the increased population of humans and the expansion of cities into farmlands, many of the farm lands in the United States has greatly decreased. Much of the products consumers purchase at the grocery store are grown in other countries and have to be imported into the country, traveling extensive distances. Upon moving to a community with more land space I have noticed people at the local home improvement stores gathering materials for gardening at their home.

The Organic Approach

The organic approach to gardening starts with the soil! Gardening organically builds healthy soil, ensures nutrient uptake by plants, is safer and healthier for our families, children, pets and food! Everything starts with the soil – the organic approach is growing strong among consumers and gardeners alike. We demand healthier food, and gardening without the use of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides enables us to grow the healthiest foods for our families.

Make the Garden of Your Dreams

The art of gardening has been in existence for centuries. From the gardens in Egyptian tombs to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, these are living proof of the ingenuity of men. In the modern times, gardening has evolved into a science of beautification, the benefit of producing food and the craft of turning the soil into a living work of art.

Benefits of Compost Tea

Compost Tea is a microbial solution that builds soil health, adds beneficial organisms to the soil and improves tilth. Make sure your it is well aerated and lab tested. Begin with a good compost to ensure diversity of organisms.

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