“We are the only ones in Spain manufacturing prehydrated hydroponic bags with custom-made planting and drainage holes”

Substrate is an essential element for a plant. It is not only the mounted location where its life cycle will establish, but also a strictly important dietary resource which, dependent on its attributes, will establish its advancement. For this reason, the use of a appropriate substrate is fundamental in agriculture, and solutions this kind of as coconut fiber substrate, which offers the best possible potential to control the plant progress ailments, are more and more applied, as stated by Sustratos del Sureste.


“Our raw substance comes from India and Sri Lanka, the world’s major producers of coconut fiber. For their acquire, we need the highest good quality from our suppliers, and this is analyzed in our laboratory upon arrival for verification. Our corporation is ISO 9001 certified, so high quality regulate is paramount.”

“Soon after examining the raw materials, we continue to grind and rehydrate the coir (as it will come compressed in blocks) to assure the proper expansion of the products, and, based on the sort of closing substrate, we will blend it with other factors (these as peat, perlite, vermiculite, fertilizers…) and bag it properly. All these stages are exceptionally vital, and require a supervision that we at Sustratos del Sureste look at crucial.”

“Coconut substrate is a product that retains drinking water and, at the same time, drains the excess, which involves significant water preserving. In addition, it will increase the total of drinking water in the soil that is freely readily available to the plant, which not only will save drinking water, but also maximizes the use of this factor. In addition, coconut substrate is a chemically inert product, so it maintains the pH, which is ideal for delicate vegetation, and considering the fact that it is not developed with decomposing content, it does not draw in bugs or diseases.”


“Coconut substrate is manufactured in a sustainable way, it is recyclable and lacks the restrictions that the soil alone can have (pollution, minimal efficiency, exhaustion…). It improves aeration of the soil and is an outstanding mulch for the roots. All these rewards make it a very significant ally of agriculture and have led to this substance staying recognized as a outstanding cultivation substrate.

In truth, it has turn into strongly implanted in present-day agriculture. “Due to the fact of its qualities, it is significantly ideal for the first phases of advancement of any crop, so a sector that is developing alongside with us is that of seedbeds and nurseries, which use coco substrate to guarantee a wholesome and solid original development of their plants.”


“It has also been demonstrated that the creation of tomatoes, peppers and other popular greenhouse crops in the Levant also raises when coconut fiber substrate is employed. Also, it is excellent for demanding crops, this sort of as fruit trees/plants hence why the strawberry sector has been benefiting from this method for the longest time. Other crops have lately been attaining traction, such as pistachios, avocados, mangoes or raspberries. Their growers are incredibly strongly committed to employing coconut substrate,” claims the Murcian organization.

Hydroponic bags and coconut fiber for natural farming
Sustratos del Sureste has a wide range of options and coconut substrate formats to meet up with the requires of its clients, from qualified producers to suppliers.

sust2“Among the them, it is truly worth mentioning our hydroponic bag, just one of our company’s innovations. The inspiration for this bag came from the shortcomings that the managers of our company noticed that producers had with compressed sheets, typically coming from India. Our enterprise noticed that this product or service experienced a number of drawbacks, this kind of as superior EC, lack of hydration, very low excellent plastic, no pre-cuts or drainage, or deficiency of products homogeneity. All this leads to the producer throwing away time and cash. For this cause, our hydroponic bag is produced 100% in our facilities with a top quality raw materials less than managed parameters. The coconut fiber is currently hydrated (we can include other raw products this kind of as perlite, peat, fertilizer…) it is packed in national plastic with a 3 yr promise, and pre-cuts for the planting holes and drainage can be provided to meet the customer’s wants. We are the only substrate business in Spain that manufactures this kind of bag.”


“We also have coconut fiber licensed by Intereco for use in organic farming (seed manufacturing in nurseries and seedbeds). We are conversing about SDS coconut fiber, with which producers can strengthen the soil, making certain extra rooting, greater use of the nutrients furnished to the crop and, consequently, an optimal vegetative enhancement, while complying at all times with the organic output restrictions.”

New 12,000 m² amenities
Sustratos del Sureste is a youthful business started in mid-2013 by wonderful industry experts who by now experienced 20 many years of expertise. “Thanks to this, we can say that these days we are a leader in the coconut substrate sector.”


“Thanks to the developing demand from customers for coconut fiber substrates by industry experts in the agricultural-decorative area and their greater requires in terms of good quality and phytosanitary manage, we resolved to differentiate ourselves with the good quality of our product or service and our personalised services.”

“That is why a short while ago, in get to keep on to meet our top quality requirements and to supply the very best provider, we have expanded our services, strains and equipment, going to a place with far more than 12,000 m² of ground place. Before long, we will have this new perform area prepared, and of study course, anyone is invited to stop by it.”


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