We are SO HAPPY we didn’t grow sweet corn!

Growing Herbs Indoors Year Round

When it is cold outside, most people do not want to go out to try to garden. But even though it is cold, people still want to garden all the same. This is one reason why indoor gardening has become so popular. Plants that are fairly easy to grow successfully indoors are herbs. Not only beautiful to look at and fragrant, you can also eat them. Give year-round indoor herb gardening a try, and you will be hooked.

Dummy Gardening: Simple Steps To Fun And Easy Gardening

Discover how to quickly start a healthy garden even if you’ve never tried.

Weather Vanes – A Fabulous Way To Enhance The Look Of Any Outdoor Space

For years and years, the only thing that people used weather vanes for was to simply know which direction the wind was blowing. That was it and nothing else, however, over time these functional outdoor pieces starting taking on a more decorative look and soon became beautiful fixtures that people purchased to enhance the look of their outdoor spaces.

Garden Benches – The Key to Creating Your Escape

Benches are exceptionally functional as they provide lots of seating for guests, but they can also become a focal point of your garden or patio. Nestle one near or in your garden to have a nice spot to set tools or rest while inspecting your growing greenery. Place one under an arbor or a canopy of trees to enjoy some refreshing shade. A wrap-around tree bench provides even more seating.

Gardens – Patios – Ponds

As you go through your day, take time to enjoy the wonderful gifts of nature in your garden, on your patio, around your pond and yes even in your flower beds.

Bonsai Plant Care Tips

These bonsai plant care tips will help you to be able to grow your very own stunning bonsai trees and do it as easy as possible.

Gardening Basics

I would like to share some basic gardening knowledge to help you achieve a vision of paradise a garden lush with green plants and brilliant with fragrance and the color of flowers. Filled with sweet tasting produce is the delight we take in doing our part to help fulfill this dream that defines us as the gardeners we are.

Step By Step Guide To Growing Bonsai – Part 1

Discover the step by step guide to growing stunning bonsai trees and you will be able to grow your own beautiful bonsai trees easily.

Heating Your Koi Pond

Heating your koi pond is a major expense, so having some knowledge of all the aspects involved is very important. There are many ways to heat your koi pond and many reasons why you should.We address these subjects as well as make you aware of the different heaters designs available for koi ponds.

How To Care For Your Bonsai Tree – Part 1

Discover how to care for your bonsai tree using simple, easy-to-follow methods and grow your own beautiful bonsai trees.

Growing Bonsai For Beginners

Growing bonsai for beginners now revealed inside and it is a lot easier than you think, read on to find out how to grow bonsai even if you’re a complete beginner.

The Bonsai Basics

If you want to know what the bonsai basics are then you should read this article, find out what the real basic bonsai growing tips are.

Growing Hydroponic Orchids

Hydroponically grown orchids are possible. Just read on…

Choosing a New Lawnmower

When considering the type of lawnmower thats right for your needs you need to consider the size of your lawn, the price, the ease of use and the quality of the cut.

Going To Flower Shows Like Chelsea Is Not For The Novice Gardener

The Chelsea Flower Show is not for the amateur gardener. It is only for the gardening elite and those who can afford lavish and highly designed gardens. I have seen the gardens on television and they leave me cold.

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