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Landscaping Gear for the Enthusiast

Towards the realization of an outstanding work of art of a landscape, the primary requirement would be is proper gear. Tools for landscaping are one of the better inventions of mankind for upkeep and maintenance of any garden or yard. Quite a few people could hardly wait for the time when they could indulge in all earnest to get started with landscaping.

Building A Garden – The 3 Steps To Take Before You Even Think Of Beginning

You can spend a lot of money on design, construction and plants and still end up a few years on, with a very poor garden. The reason may be found in what was not done before the process got underway.

Home Grown – How to Grow Your Own Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Remember how good Grandma’s fresh garden produce tasted? You can experience that satisfaction again with fresh food from your own vegetable garden.

Climbing Rose Bushes For Every Garden

Whether you’re new to gardening or an old hand, a climbing rose bush provides both beauty and pride to your flower garden or landscape. One of the benefits of including roses in your garden is obviously the fragrance they provide as well as the gorgeous flowers. Who wouldn’t love going outside and basking in the beauty and fragrance of a luscious rose garden?

How To Go Green In Your Garden

How can we go green in our garden while still being environmentally conscious? Create an organic program for your lawn and garden while not spending a fortune.

How To Protect Your Garden From Deer

Protect your garden from deer by planting a deer resistant garden. This article will also introduce a few additional products and programs to protect a garden from being devoured by deer.

The Advanced Styles Of Bonsai Gardening

To enable bonsai artists to guide and discuss their work, over a period of time, some arbitrary divisions, apart from the basic styles have been created. These can be called advanced styles and do not adapt themselves into the basic styles of chokkan(formal upright), shakan (informal upright) or kengai (cascade). Three such advanced styles are the Fukinagashi (Windswept), the Bunjin (Literati) and the Bankan (Twisted).

You Can Successfully Grow Aromatic Herbs

Apart from being important ingredients for cooking in the kitchen and alternative medicines, herbs can also be a source of appealing fragrances in the garden or a potpourri bowl. Due to the edible oils in the leaves, herbs add flavor to dishes. The same oils are also the cause for such olfactory joy, even for those who may not care to eat herbs.

Green Decorating With Indoor Plants – 5 Tips For A Sustainable Interiorscape

As a rapidly renewable product, live plants are a “no brainer” when selecting green accessories for your interior. This is especially true when you decide to use a live plant instead of a manufactured good, as the process of growing plants requires less energy than a product that was made in a factory. This article contains useful tips on how to achieve green design with live plants.

The Art of Bonsai

The beautiful art of Bonsai originated in China. This art of growing trees in small containers and shaping them to give the appearance of old miniature trees has its roots in ancient history. The idea of growing plants in containers is recorded as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon situated in what is now Iraq.

Vegetable Gardening – A Hobby for Everyone

Would you like a relaxing, outdoor hobby with the added benefit of delicious, homegrown food? Vegetable gardening is wonderful for everyone!

Pruning Trees And Shrubs – One Mistake You Must Not Make!

For people used to gardening in regions where the winters are freezing cold, the question of when to prune trees and shrubs is thought of more or less in the following terms. Deciduous plants, that is those that drop their leaves in the fall, being hardy to cold, should be pruned during their seasonal dormancy, i.e…

Rose Bush Care and Maintenance During the Winter in a Mediterranean Climate Garden

The rose bush, once termed the “queen of the garden,” can be unmatched in its flower performance. It can also be maddeningly frustrating as it fails to deliver on its promise. While many a home gardener’s disappointment can be traced to choosing the wrong type of rose for a particular location, poor performance and appearance can be avoided if the correct maintenance procedures are carried out.

The Rose – Curing Society’s Ills One Petal at a Time

The scene is almost cliche by now: husband forgets anniversary, wife loses it, husband buys dozen roses, wife forgives. The average repentant spouse doesn’t realize the history behind their gift however. Roses have held a significant place as a symbol since the apex of Greek civilization, thousands of years ago. Indeed, the rose is so important that in some languages such as Spanish and French it is synonymous with the color red or pink.

Vines For Your Garden

A vine that grows rapidly is the cup-and-saucer vine (Coboea scandens), that would climb to a tree-top before frost catches it, if long enough strings might be supplied. Before its rather heavy-looking cups finally turn purplish plum color, they pass through green and lavender transitional phases. The coboea has many-lobed, light-green leaves, lying flat, that introduce a welcome color note in the scale of greens.

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