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Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #6

Cuttings under intermittent mist root quickly, much more quickly than other propagation methods. Hardwood cuttings take almost two full growing seasons before the cutting has enough of a root system established to be able for it to survive. The entire first growing season you really don’t know if the cutting is producing a good root system or if it is slowly rotting under the rooting medium. Air layering, ground layering, and stooling all take at least one full growing season for the new plants to produce a large enough root system to survive after being removed from the parent plant.

Why You Need Intermittent Mist – Reason #5

We all know that there are many things to do when propagating plants. Tending the compost pile, weed management, building new misting and grow beds, re-potting plants that have outgrown their current pot, potting the cuttings that have rooted, and of course, sticking more cuttings to make new plants.

Enhance Your Garden With a Teak Garden Bench

Looking for an easy and stylish way to turn your garden into a getaway retreat? The teak garden bench can make the difference.

How to Grow Your Own Tomato Plants

Ever wanted to taste fresh tomatoes, unlike the ones you find at the grocery? Growing your own tomato plants is one of the easiest plant projects you can do.

Keeping it Natural With Organic Rose Gardening

Growing roses is a great hobby but for the most beautiful and fragrant blooms, you want to choose organic rose gardening. After all, if you look over the past several thousands of years, magnificent flower gardens were grown without the use of modern day chemicals.

Container Gardening – What You Should Know About

All kinds of gardens can benefit from the use of containers. In small patios or balconies, this may be the only form of gardening possible. In larger gardens, containers are used to add another dimension to the overall design. One of their great virtues is that they add a three dimensional quality.

What You Should Know About Cuttings in the Gardens

Cuttings should be fresh growth that is not too soft and not too old. The shoot chosen should not have flower buds, or be in flower or seed. The best cuttings for most plants are basal ones, the young growth found at the base of a plant either in spring or after the plant has been cut to the ground later in the season.

Gardening For Beginners – What Are Perennials?

Perennials are the backbone of many flower gardens. They are the plants that return year after year. To many it’s like seeing old friends reappear, surviving the winter’s freezing cold and gracing the garden again with their familiar flowers and scents.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Treating Plants For Powdery Mildew

If you grow vegetables with large broadleaves then you will invariably come across powdery mildew on them if you do not take steps of treatment. Here are some of those steps you can take immediately that are very affective and low cost.

A Late Summer Walk in Your Garden

Walking down the garden this time of the year can be an inspiration for next season’s gardening. To see flowers in full summer bloom is the ultimate reward for a gardener.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Getting Rid of White Flies

White flies are pesky little creatures that, when in large numbers, can destroy entire crops. Here are some methods you can use to keep them under control and repel them altogether.

Good Hygiene Or Chemical – Which is Better to Treat Pests

Another way of ensuring that diseases rarely get a hold of your plants is to practice good hygiene. Remove all dead and dying material from the beds and borders, and be alert for any signs of diseased material so that you can deal with the problem promptly.

Pests and Diseases in Gardening

Most gardeners fear pests and diseases more than anything else, and these fears are only exacerbated by the vast array of bottles, packets and sprays not found in garden centers and nurseries. In fact, serious garden problems are fairly rare and there is little reason for most gardeners to worry.

Hanging Baskets in Container Gardening

Ever increasing in popularity, hanging baskets can provide a riot of color all summer long. Most hanging baskets include tender annuals so they cannot be placed outside until after the last frosts, but they can be made up in advance and left indoors until the danger of frosts has passed, by which time the basket will have filled out and with luck to be in full flower.

Which Compost to Use in Container Gardening

There are various composts on the market suitable for containers. Some are just called potting composts, while others claim to be specially formulated for containers. There is not much difference between them, and the final choice is personal and depends on what works best for you.

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