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Why Use A Crawl Space Dehumidifier?

Don’t be fooled into buying an appliance grade dehumidifier for your crawl space. Learn why you need a crawl space dehumidifier to eliminate mold, wood rot and termites.

Try These Chain Care Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Chainsaw

Want to know how to prolong the life of your chainsaw? We’ll show you how proper chain care maintenance can save you money and frustration in this revealing report!

The Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

An invaluable guide to all gardeners and farmers is a soil test. A soil test will indicate when and how to increase applications of fertilizer. First these tests will show what elements are needed most, then future tests will show how you’re fertilizing program is working.

Caring For Your Ground Covers

Care and planting requirements for ground cover are similar to that of a flower bed. Add as much organic matter to the soil as possible and lime if needed. In open areas you can rototill or work amendments well into the soil.

Choosing Ground Covers

When you switch from planting lawn grasses to planting ground cover the possibilities are practically unlimited. Grass is great for ball games, picnics, playing, and normal traffic areas. But grass requires more maintenance and uses more water than any of the rest of your landscape. Ground cover is a great complement to your grass lawn to minimize maintenance and add elegance to your landscape.

The Garden Shed

Garden work requires some basic tools and equipment. You can purchase these as the need arises. Yard and garage sales are a good place to find good quality tools at bargain prices. When you buy garden tools how can you tell good quality from poor. Basically the higher-priced tools are made of heavier more durable materials. Here are some basic things to remember when purchasing tools.

Maintaining Your Garden Tools

To keep them working garden tools require very little maintenance. If you keep them clean and sharpened and lubricate them well they can last a long time. Here’s what to do to keep your garden tools like new.

Tools for Raking and Cultivating

With its short rigid tines a bow rake is excellent for leveling a bed after digging it up with a shovel or garden fork. Bow rakes will also remove stones and debris from the soil. Just as its name implies a leaf rate is used for removing leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, and other debris from your lawn and garden bed.

Other Useful Equipment In The Garden

With a pistol grip or twist type nozzle a garden hose is necessary for watering plants and lawn as well as for washing cars or outdoor furniture. Hoses come in half inch or three quarter-inch diameter. They are sold in lengths up to 75 feet.

Introduction to Gardening

Gardening is therapy for some people, a rewarding and quiet retreat from their fast-paced lives. Gardening can reward you with a bountiful harvest unmatched by any store-bought produce. And for practical people gardening is also an invigorating and enjoyable work that is part of maintaining your home and property.

Tools for Planting and Cultivating

Shovels come in small, large, round, or square, scooped or flat. You’ll have to have one to dig up soil and move it around. Choose a light weight one that has a comfortable hand grip. A small bladed shovel is easier and less tiring to handle. A spade is a flat sharp straight edge blade shovel designed for slicing into the soil.

Easy Layer Gardening – Gardening Without Digging!

The easiest garden you’ll ever have! If you follow these easy techniques, you might never go back to regular gardening again!

Gardening – Fill Your Cottage Gardens With Free Plants!

Have a wonderful cottage garden filled with beautiful plants that you were able to get – FREE!

Gardening With Bob

There are many things of which a record must be kept . From a captain’s log book to the minutes of the last garden meeting. It is vital to keep a proper sequence of events. A gardener must be concerned with weather conditions. High winds and heavy rain can damage your backyard landscape.

Basic Gardening Tips for Beginners

This is an excellent place for basic gardening tips for beginners. This will show you how to prepare your gardens and what is needed to maintain it.

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