Vegetable Insect Control

Choosing and Caring for Outdoor Wood Furniture

There is a wide variety of materials that are made to be used outdoors, including plastic, metal, wicker and other synthetic materials. With all of the other options for outdoor furniture, the reasons of why one should use wood should be carefully examined before you buy furniture for your outdoor oasis.

Organic Gardening With Compost – Using Compost For a Naturally Healthy Lawn and Garden

Is your landscape suffering from drought, weeds, insects or disease? Compost can help solve your problems safely and naturally.

A Lot Of People Prefer Artificial Flowers For Good Reason

Some people prefer artificial flowers because there is no special care to be taken with them except maybe a little dusting and they last for a very long time. Even though some of the artificial flowers today cost a lot of money it is worth it, because once you have purchased it you have it for a very long time.

The Most Important Components for Your Deck Rail Plans

Deck Railing components are really important when it comes to designing and putting together the perfect deck for your garden. There is a large variety to choose from and they really can make all of the difference to the overall look of the deck railings.

How Landscaping Your Garden with Rocks Could Help You

Using rocks as part of your landscaping can really help to make the garden look natural and serene. They do not require any looking after and they are not complicated to use in any way either.

Why a Lawnmower is Essential for Every Garden

Lawnmowers really help to keep the garden looking clean and trimmed. There are quite a few different varieties available so always shop around and find one which is right for you and your garden’s needs.

Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home

When it comes to biological pest control, the best known and most popular insects for the job are Ladybugs. Famous for their appetite for aphids, Ladybugs are also voracious in decimating white fly, mealy bugs, scales, and mites, plus many other soft-bodied insects and will consume boll worm, broccoli worm, cabbage moth and tomato horn worm. Various sources credit Ladybugs with the ability to eat up to either 1,000 or 5,000 aphids in the beetle’s lifetime.

A Few Essential Guidelines For Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaws are common tools for cutting down trees and chopping firewood. They are used by professional loggers in their daily work routine. They are also very powerful tools that are involved in serious injuries all the time because an individual did not use the tool properly.

Don’t Forget To add Shrubs Into Your Garden Design This Season

Learn how shrubs can provide color, height and function in the garden.

Spring Gardening Color for Your Landscape

Spring Color beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic long lasting blooms is what most homeowners are looking for. This can be done with perennials and or annuals.

Getting Rid Of That Black Mold Around Shrubs And Ivy

Have you ever seen that sooty, gray stuff on the leaves of your shrubs or ivy? That’s mold. It’s another variety of the same stuff you find on your bathroom tiles or in parts of your house that have water damage.

Is There Such A Thing As Good Garden Design?

If you want to improve the look, design and planting in your garden, then you may well be thinking about getting a garden designer in to help. So what makes one designer better than another? Is there such a thing as good design?

Organic Gardening – It Really Is A Lot Easier Than You Think

What is organic gardening? It is gardening using materials and or matter that comes from compost, manure and other living matter. It is also a way to garden without using pesticides, insecticides and other harmful ingredients.

Liner Disciples: Not Eating Their Own Dog Food

The pond liner craze is coming to an end. The truth is being revealed that the liner industry is a house of cards that will topple. It all started based on a lie — that concrete ponds leak.

Patio Furniture for Classy Homes

Patio gardens set the tone for the interior decoration of the home. The relaxing places, that patios are, also need the appropriate furniture that gels with the social status of the residents. Carefully selected and craftily decorated patios speak volumes about your personality.

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