Transplanting Microgreens into Hydroponic Grow Box with Air Stone

Nonflammable Fire Pit Furniture

Fire pit furniture built to withstand fire, wind, rain, snow and s’mores. Stone Furniture is built to stand the test of time and is virtually indestructible. Stone Furniture has timeless beauty and never requires any maintenance it is the ultimate furniture around a fire pit.

The Steps To Take When Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

There are lots of reasons why people grow their own vegetable garden. Some people grow a garden to keep themselves busy and relieve some stress. Others just want to make sure that what they eat is healthy and feed their families with fresh nutritious vegetables.

How To Create A Vegetable Garden: Get Guidelines On How To Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

Gardening is on the raise these days with a lot of people dreaming of having their own healthy vegetable garden. Having you own garden is a great way to producing your own healthy vegetables to feed your family or even sell to make some extra income. Having your own garden helps you to control the harmful chemicals that come with the foods you get from supermarkets.

Enjoy Southern California Fall Gardening in November

Fall in Southern California means fewer daylight hours to garden but there is also less to do as winter approaches. Mulch Plants: Southern California cities average between 1 to 1 1/2 inches of rain in November. If the rains come (it may also be another dry month), add mulch around the garden.

Breathe Life Into Your Surroundings With Tree Upkeep Services

Trees are an inextricable part of our existence. So, it only makes sense to take proper care of them before they die out. Instead of attempting this job on your own, consider taking help of a professional who has strong knowledge in this field.

How Do We Manage Weed Control Without the Use of Chemicals?

Harvesting fresh fruit and vegetables from your allotment or garden is the most affordable and enjoyable way to provide most, if not all, of your 5 a day for you and your family. How to prepare the earth for growing is normally the first big issue you face. Do you use some type of weed suppressant matting or do you use the modern chemicals to clear the plot and keep perennials at bay.

Ideas for Autumn Garden Ideas With a Creative Twist

How about a few Autumn garden ideas with a twist? There are plenty of articles out there of what you need to do practically in the garden over the season, indeed, we have written some to help out but this time we thought we would give you a few creative Autumn activities to try. So grab yourself a coffee and have a go at some of these.

Companion Planting With the Marigold

Marigolds are a versatile and lovely addition to most growing areas. They come in an array of color, height, and bloom size ensuring a marigold to suit every preference and growing space. Marigolds are believed to be one of the earliest cultivated flowers. Ancient Greeks used marigolds for their strong coloring ability to create makeup, and dye for both food and clothing. They are edible and have been used in cooking for centuries. In addition, marigolds have been and in fact still are used for many medicinal purposes. The marigold is known to have strong antiseptic properties and to be both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Marigolds have been used to treat cuts, scrapes, measles, stomaches, toothaches, urinary problems, and diaper rash. These are just a few of the many benefits of fully grown marigolds, but marigolds actually have benefits from the time they begin to root.

What to Do in Your Garden and at the Allotment During October

Need a few tips and ideas for October gardening? This article will give you some easy hints for your garden and allotment.

Choosing the Best Aquaponics Design

How can you choose the best overall design for your aquaponics design? Read descriptions of the major aquaponics designs and what they are best for, and then make your own choice in which one can work for you.

Making Your Greenhouse a Homely Green Haven

We spend so much time in our greenhouses yet overlook the potential to personalise the space but a greenhouse with a bespoke touch can enhance your hobby further and even add to the aesthetics of a garden. Of course work in a greenhouse is usually focused on production and results as it’s the return on our investment in time that urges many of us to return again and again.

Your Guide to Greenhouse Heaters

If you have a greenhouse, you should probably think about getting a heater to keep your plants thriving during the winter months. Here are some tips for choosing the best greenhouse heater.

Ten Tips to Spice Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Everyone wants a beautifully landscaped yard but no one seems to know where to start. Here are ten tips to get you started with your dream backyard.

Tropical Plumeria Plants And Their Exotic Flowers

Many gardeners from around the world have come to fall in love with exotic tropical Plumeria plants and their beautifully colored flowers. Plumeria flowers are known for they exquisite fragrances which range from citrus to rose, and beyond.

How to Prepare Your Herb Bed for Winter in Your Garden or Allotment

Herbs need to be carefully prepared for the cold winter months. This guide will give you some great tips to ensure you still have some tasty herbs the following Spring.

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