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Backyard Bird Watching: Attracting Birds With Food and Water

For the avid backyard birding enthusiast, there are a few things that must be remembered at all times; don’t wear bright colors, don’t make any noise, and birds, like any creature, like food. If you feed them they will likely come closer to you than if you just sit in a bush quietly waiting for one to appear. As an added perk, the placement of a birdfeeder in your backyard might keep your neighbor’s from asking you why you�re sitting in a bush peering into the sky for hours at a time.

Gardening – Where To Start – Choosing The Right Seeds For Your Garden

Seed selection can make or break your garden. If you choose the wrong seeds you can end up with a very pitiful looking garden. What goes into choosing the right seeds?

10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Orchids Looking Gorgeous

Caring for orchids can be easy and fun! Here are 10 quick tips on improving your orchids that you can implement now!

Basil Plants Give You Gorgeous Gardens And Improves Your Cooking

Growing basil plants will not only produce you a bumper harvest but the basil leaves will spice up your home cooking, your vinegars and add elegance and fragrance to your garden. By grow several basil varieties you will have different textures and flavors.

Getting Ready for Spring Gardening

Spring revives our spirits and we in turn need to revive our gardens in spring

Orchid Care – Feed, Humidity & Re-potting

Are you new to growing orchids or are you an experienced enthusiast? Either way you are sure to many useful tips in this article.

Orchid Care – Positioning, Temperature & Watering

Are you new to growing orchids or are you an experienced enthusiast? Either way you are sure to many useful tips in this article.

How To Do Bonsai – 4 Keys For The Beginner To Know

Bonsai or the art of growing miniature trees, requires patience and know how. In this article I will touch on 5 things that every aspiring Bonsai artist should know, in their quest to learn How To Do Bonsai.

The Care of Orchids

Planting and caring for orchids may be difficult, but it is a very rewarding hobby when your plants go into bloom. My wife has now grown orchids for 20 years and I have watched her closely at the different jobs involved. More so I have enjoyed the blooms at the height of the season.

Plant Ideas for Container Gardening

If you are looking for plant ideas for container gardening, look no further. Who doesn’t enjoy the enticing aromas from the scent of fresh herbs? Can you imagine what it would be like to have wonderful aromas wafting out of your kitchen as you cook with fresh herbs picked moments before in your container garden? Forget about needing a large outside garden to make this happen. Indoor container gardening is relatively easy when you follow these easy tips and ideas; and, herbs are a great way to start!

Setting Up Your Own NFT Hydroponic System

Amateur hydroponic growers however still use NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) often in their hydroponic gardening. It’s not expensive, it’s very easy to use, and it can be easily be adapted to suit many different plant types.

Stocking and Maintaining Your Goldfish Pond

Find out how to add a goldfish pond to your landscape for a relaxing retreat. Goldfish ponds are a great way to add interest to your yard or garden. Here you can ensure your fish in a natural environment as well as add beauty to the outdoor areas of your home.

What Are Some Of The More Common Pests That Can Invade Your Lawn?

This article discusses some of the more common lawn related pests that are willing and waiting to invade your lawn!

Background And History Of Orchids (Orchidaceae Family)

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world. Find out the background and the history of this popular plant.

Japanese Decorating Ideas

How nice a Japanese Garden can be. Important elements in designing a Japanese Garden. Creating a peaceful garden.

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