Top Colorful Trees of Autumn for the Fall Landscape

White Tulips – Grow Heaven On Earth

Anyone can grow a white tulip garden and that means you, too. For some people, a white tulip garden represents heaven. White is the color of newness, purity, of being clean and fresh. If you would like to experience a little bit of heaven on earth next spring, read on to learn more.

Spread Yellow Tulip Cheer Next Spring

You smile when the sun rises, right? Those warm, yellow rays shed light on everything and make you feel joyful about a new day. Did you know that you can plant a garden that contains bright, yellow tulip flowers that glow like the sun? Here’s how.

A Brief Hydroponic Gardening History

Looking at the history of hydroponics farming, one would find that its development has not seen any rapid increase and interest in this form of farming grew in the United States around the year 1925. Because of certain difficulties with replacing greenhouse soils at very close intervals and their high maintenance needs, there began to be conducted research to look for nutrient solutions as a good replacement for natural soil and this led to scientists coming up with aerated nutrient solutions and thus began the history of hydroponics farming.

Understanding The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hydroponic Gardening

If there is any doubt in one’s mind about choosing between conventional gardening and hydroponics these can easily be dispelled by understanding the various advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics. There are a number of reasons why one would want to choose hydroponics and among them is time, weeds, health, light, growth, stress as well as yield and also cleanliness.

Organic Vegetable Gardening – A Labor Of Love

Organic gardening requires some work and preparation. Here’s what you need to know to get started properly.

What Does Your Garden Say About You?

Does you garden reflect your personality, your interaction with nature, even your aspirations?

How To Grow Organic Citrus Fruits – One Of The Top 10 Super-Foods

Citrus Fruits – are rich in vitamin C, high in fibre and potassium and contain folic acid. Both oranges and grapefruit have been found to be high in potent antioxidants. The pain of a bee sting can be relieved with lemon juice. Most citrus are sweet and are excellent for juicing, making cordials, marmalade, cooking and baking. The most popular varieties of citrus used by the home gardener include lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, mandarin and tangelo.

Lawn Care Software For A Profitable Business

A dedicated garden enthusiast who treats lawn maintenance as a hobby rather than a chore can channel this interest into a profitable business endeavor. Initially, you have to work double time in setting up the business, creating your clientele, sourcing lawn supplies and products, and conducting lawn ocular inspections.

Gardening With Containers

This article on gardening is full of great information on gardening, focusing primarily on container gardening. As explained in this gardening article, container gardening is great for the young, elderly, experienced gardener or novice. It is just flat out fun!

Five Tips for Growing Miltonia Orchids

Miltonia orchids are also referred to as pansy orchids because their open flowers closely resemble pansies. They are very fragrant, but a little more difficult to grow than other species of orchids. This article will…

What to Do About a “gardeners Block”

A Gardeners Block is similar to what writers call a Writers Block. If you browse the internet for a solution to a Writers Block, you’ll find a million cures. I’m not an expert on Writer Blocks so I don’t know if any of these cures work. But it seems all these different cures have one thing in common – whatever you do, keep writing. I guess it’s the same when you suffer form what I call a Gardeners Block. Whatever you do: keep gardening but… get out of your garden!

Butterfly Gardens – 7 Essential Elements For Attracting Butterflies

Butterflies hold a sense of delight and wonder for all ages. By including these seven essential elements you can build a truly magnificent butterfly garden that will attract butterflies all summer long.

Garden Hose Holder – What You Need To Know

One of the issues that come up with having a garden hose is where to put it. Many people simply let them lay on the ground, but the better solution is far easier for all involved. Get a garden hose holder to store it on. Here’s all you need to know.

Petite Substitutes for Petunias in the Annual Border

If you’re tired of petunias, here are three of my favorite low-growing plants that thrive in areas where petunias are often planted.

Vertical Agriculture On The Up

Over the next 40 years the UN predicts a global population boom, leading to agricultural land shortages. Great Stuff Hydroponics thinks we can overcome this problem and help to reduce the environmental impact of our cities by building vertical hydroponic agricultural buildings in urban centers.

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