Top 3 Mistakes New Pig Owners Make!

Hand Pruners For the Disabled

Gardening need not be limited to the able bodied enthusiast. In fact, gardening provides a lot of enjoyment and therapeutic benefit for disabled people and the infirm. So that everyone can enjoy getting out into the garden to perform all of the chores required to help the plants thrive and remain healthy, some tools have required modifications. A hand pruner is an essential tool for a gardener, some might argue the most important tool, but traditional hand pruners can be difficult for a person with a disability to use. Consequently there are some modified pruners available.

The Many Kinds of Patio Boxes

Patio boxes bring the warmth and natural beauty of flowers into your garden. They allow you an opportunity to show off your green thumb and express your creativity. There are numerous different kinds of planters, and it is important to pick out the best one for your backyard. Make sure you choose boxes that are beneficial to both your plants’ health and your environment in material, size, and shape.

The Best Method to Fill a Cedar Planter Box

A cedar planter box is an outstanding method of bringing the natural beauty of flowers into your backyard. These planters let you to grow your flowers in an orderly, attractive container in the arrangement of your choosing.

Picking Out Annuals For Your Patio Box

Patio boxes are an attractive addition to any home. To enjoy these boxes to their fullest potential, make sure you choose the right flowers. The first step to selecting the best plants is to take into consideration the climate of your location, the amount of sunlight your planter boxes will get, and the amount of time you have to invest in your plants.

How to Make the Best Soil For Your Cedar Planter Box

A cedar planter box can create a refined and beautiful ambiance in your backyard. A well cared for cedar planter can convert your garden into an exotic jungle or a peaceful meadow.

Deck Rail Planters Help Children Learn About Plants

With a deck rail planter, children can learn everything they need to learn about plants. Homeschooling families have found deck rail planters to be a great way to teach their kids.

Homeschoolers Use Deck Planters For Teaching

Looking for a great way to teach your children about plants? Consider buying a deck planter.

For Small Spaces, Deck Rail Planters Make Great Gardens

Do you have a tiny space but would love to enjoy the benefits of a generous sized garden? A deck planter may be the best solution. People use planters to grow tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, corn, melons, strawberries and even pumpkins. Although most people think about a deck planter as an outdoor item, it can be used in a kitchen windowsill as well.

Why I Love Greenhouses

I remember growing my own vegetables as a child. You cannot beat the taste of freshly picked vegetables. The sad, wilted stuff you buy from the supermarket cannot even come close in taste to that you have harvested from your own vegetable patch.

Organic Gardening – 5 Tips For Watering With Sprinkler Systems

Organic gardening reduce water need but eventually you have to turn on that sprinkler system. Follow these tips to keep your lawn and garden healthy, use your water wisely and save money in the end.

The Copperleaf Plant Will Transform Your Garden Into an Explosion of Color

The copperleaf plant will transform your garden into an explosion of color. One look and you’ll see why its one of the most beautiful plants you can grow in your garden. The soil PH for the copperleaf should be around 9.1. Once this simple need is met, the plant needs minimal attention.

Who Else Wants to Turn Up the Heat on the Composting Process?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “compost activator” thrown around while discussing gardening. So what does it mean, you ask. Well let me explain. A Compost activator is a raw material used to kick-start the composting. All biodegradable materials eventually decay and turn the soil they are in into composted material. A compost activator is used to speed the process up.

Rose Bush Care During Hot Summer Months

Roses, roses everywhere! If that is your goal, then summer care is important to follow. Rose bush care can be vigorous and demanding. It can be a season long project. Be courageous! Your goal is a beautiful garden that you can enjoy indoors as well as outdoors. You will want to show it off!

How to Create a No-Till Garden

You can create a new organic garden bed, without digging, in under an hour. All you need is cardboard, compost, plants, seeds, and soil.

Rose Tree Garden

A rose tree garden is a sight to behold! From the palest pinks to the deepest reds, from tight buds to full blooms and everything else in between, you combine the best of both worlds – the beauty of roses with the boon of space. Indeed, if you do not have the space to cultivate roses, then a tree rose garden is the next best thing. Here are tips to get you started on the right and easy path.

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