Top 10 Trees and How to Plant them

Removing Lawns – But How Do You Get Rid Of The Grass?

Many people today want to replace or seriously reduce the amount of lawn in the garden. Organic gardeners dislike the mono-culture aspect to lawns, and the almost inevitable reliance on fertilizers and pesticides that this entails.

Water Conserving Gardening – The Principles Behind Saving Water in the Garden

Saving water in the garden is easier said than done. Success depends on understanding the basic principles and then applying to your garden.

Helpful Hints for Beginner Gardening

If you’ve ever felt that you aren’t quite experienced enough to have your own lush garden, remember, as the saying goes, practice really does make perfect, and gardening is certainly no different. If growing your own vegetables and plants is something that interests you but you’ve always been afraid to try, you’ll want to start out right with the following simple tips for beginner gardening. A novice gardener is like a kid with a box of eight crayons.

What You Need To Know About Types Of Perennials and The Types Of Perennials For Mood

Cottage gardens have no need for mood planting, all types of perennials are simply put where they will thrive. However, some gardeners prefer to plan their garden as they do their homes, with colours which complement, match or contrast with each other.

Hanging Cactus – Simple to Grow Plants

An individual can opt for setting up of a hanging cactus in an indoor flowery, which can turn out to be more than informal supplements to the array of indoor cactuses. Certain people that shy from these thorny species of plants can enthusiast by planting this cactus rather than certain other specific species of cactus plants. Basically, the hanging cacti are the associates of a genus known as the tender plants, because of their capability of soaking and preserving water for long extensions.

Apple Bonsai Tree – A Cool Tree to Have

It’s hard to understand and appreciate the beauty of an apple bonsai tree unless you see it. It is so cute as well as beautiful to see those tiny apples hanging off its miniature branches. The apple bonsai tree it so beautiful, that those who grow it, try to keep it away from the eyes of other people, lest their curiosity and admiration will harm it.

Spirit of Zen Outdoors

Gardens bring peace and serenity, none more so than Japanese gardens. There are various kinds of Japanese gardens, depending on the purpose of the garden. The gardens also have different elements and try to resemble nature as much as possible.

Winter Blooms – Winter Garden Care

How would you like to have months worth of colorful fresh flowers, blooming constantly and almost maintenance free? Sound impossible, I thought so too, until I started forcing bulbs for winter blooms. There is something about having new blooms in the dead of winter that lifts your spirits like nothing else.

Perennial Plugs – The Easiest Way To Grow Plants is With Perennial Plugs

Whether you are large producer of plants, or just have a garden at home,you will most certainly have bought perennial plugs at some time. Perennial plugs come in several sizes, for different sizes of plants, making growing and transporting easier.

What is Lawn Aeration or Core Aeration and Why Do I Need it? Aeration Defined and Explained

Learn about aeration and why it is one of the integral parts of a good lawn care program. Core Aeration will help to revitalize your lawn and thicken the root system of your turf.

Which Types Of Perennials To Choose For A Scented Garden And Why Choose Those Types Of

Scented gardens not only fill one with nostalgia, but also give that glorious feeling of pleasure. Nothing is more wonderful than sitting in a scented arbour in the warmth of the evening, breathing in the heady scent of various types of perennials nearby.

How to Handle the Problems of Growing Tomatoes

If you have a vegetable garden, you probably want to add tomatoes as one of the plants. Although tomatoes are actually fruits, everyone seems to regard them as vegetables.

Divorce and How to Divide the Garden

She showed up at my door, still in her gardening outfit to tell me that her marriage had just fallen apart and that she was moving out. There are a lot of things involved in situations like this but what we focused on was the issue of the garden. All my work, she kept moaning, all my work. Gone! Well, I said, that remains to be seen.

What Is The Advantage Of Buying Online Perennials?

If you are an internet plant shopper, you will know about the convenience, time saving and comfort it offers. But have you considered the other advantages of buying online perennials?

How To Grow Organic Olives – One Of The Top 10 Super-Foods

Olives (Olea europaea) are long-lived evergreen trees with leathery, narrow leaves and tiny, off-white flowers that are followed by the fruit. Some of the benefits you can expect from including olives in your daily diet include – protection from heart disease, cellular protection from free radicals, anti-inflammatory benefits, improved gastrointestinal health.

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