Top 10 Mums for Autumn Gardens

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Another hectic week in the gardens, the phone has been ringing non- stop this week with everyone wanting something carried out in either their front or back garden, but as usual the trouble is that they want it done yesterday! Unfortunately it does not work like that, with some customers getting quite upset because you say there is a waiting list; luckily these people are in the minority.

Gardening and Pest Control Exposed

Need to know what to do when considering natural methods of pest control? A look at the detail with plenty of tips for you to start.

What is a Mini Greenhouse?

The use of mini greenhouses has grown considerably over recent years as many people find the size of their properties decreasing.

Lawn Mowing – The Key to Having a Great Lawn

Now that summer is approaching in the southern hemisphere, those of us in dry climates fortunate enough to own a lawn, should be starting the regular mowing regime that will take us through into the onset of winter. The most common lawn grasses in…

Pomegranates – Must Trees For a Dry Climate, Mediterranean Garden

One of the best choices for a landscaping tree, particularly in a hot, dry and Mediterranean climate, is the Pomegranate. (Punica granatum) Being a small tree, or large bush, it reaches to about 4 or 5 meters in height, it is especially suited to a small garden, a backyard or a patio. The benefits of growing a pomegranate are as diverse as they are numerous, but they can be placed in two broad categories – aesthetic and nutritional.

A Growing Bonsai Tree – Indoor, Artificial, Juniper or Pine – Confused Yet?

A Growing bonsai tree is a very beautiful thing to watch. The progress that it makes gives one a sense of accomplishment. But those who are skilled at growing these trees know that bonsai tree care requires some level of expert knowledge and patience, especially if you are growing a juniper tree or even a pine. It is often said that if one does not have the time and patience to care for these trees, then its best to get an artificial one.

Window Greenhouses

The cooler months of the year are a great time to sit back with the gardening and remodelling magazines on your lap and dream of all the things you could do with your home. But have you ever been to one of those Home and/or Garden shows and seen window greenhouses on display.

Make Your Own Propagation Mix

Many people struggle to get cuttings to take, or to grow seedlings because of fungi and bacterial infections. So extra care and attention in hygiene matters are needed to get them to succeed. So to make your own propagation mix for striking cuttings or to grow seedlings, without spending a fortune.

Seed Organiser

Remember those old floppy disc organisers which we always used to need, way back when computers used to store personal information on floppy discs. Why not pull it out and use it to store your seed packets.

How To Repel Snakes From Around Your House, Garden Or Farm

By Spraying certain Substances Around Your Home, garden or farm it may be possible to persuade snakes to move out of your surrounding area. All snakes use the sense of smell to investigate what is in front of them. They do this by flickering their tongues into the air and then running it across a gland in the upper part of their mouths which is called the Jacobson’s gland. By causing this gland to be coated with substances which the snake finds intolerable one can cause them to leave the area.

Bonsai Pests – “Scale,” No Small Scale Problem

“Scale” are insects most often resembling a small oval scale on your bonsai tree. If one does not look closely they may mistake it for a part of the bark.

Easy Gardening Tips for Growing a Simple Garden

While not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the proverbial green thumb, that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple ways to having a garden that’s not only easy to take care of, but pleasing to the eye as well. Gardening that involves plants and flowers that are simple to maintain, but yet still add interest and appeal really isn’t as hard you may think. The trick is to plan ahead and decide what type and kinds of plants and flowers that you can maintain.

What Tools Will Help You To Build Your Own Greenhouse?

If you are about to tackle the difficult task of building your own greenhouse, you will for sure be looking for any assistance you can get. There are hundreds of online sites that will guide you through every step of the process.

10 Tips When Buying A Garden Office, Room or Building

10 essential things you need to consider when buying a garden room, home office or building from a UK manufacturer or supplier.

Gardening For Beginners – The Value of Compost

It’s feeding time again for the garden. And your garden loves compost. That same compost that can kill your flowers…

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