Top 10 Holiday Evergreens Planted after Christmas

Top 25 Plants For a Butterfly Garden

Great ideas for creating a butterfly garden for you and your family. The top 25 plants that will delight your eyes and keep the butterflies coming back year after year.

Moms – The Ultimate Parenting Experts

We’ve all faced difficult decisions as parents. Some of us seek help discerning our choices and some of us struggle alone. Sure we can pick up a parenting book but wading through all those expert-driven options to find the answer we are looking for can take scrupulous screening and way too much time. What we want is tried and true parenting advice and answers and we want it quickly. Those answers come from moms.

Riding Lawn Mowers – The Quick and Easy Way to Mow the Lawn

For anyone that needs to mow the lawn on a frequent basis throughout the summer season will start to long for one of those riding lawn mowers. These resemble a small tractor type unit and are ideal for anyone with a 1/4 acre plus to keep neat and tidy.

Teak Benches – A Beautiful Addition to Any Place in Your Yard

The garden is completed, the landscape of your yard is exactly the way you envisioned it. But there is something else you would like to add. Not sure of what it is? A bench, why not enjoy your hard work from the garden instead of from the porch, deck or patio. Teak benches come in many lovely designs. You will surely find the perfect one for your garden, patio, deck or other seating area.

Tips For Weeds and Lawn Care Control

Like any problem, weeds and lawn care can usually be brought down to controllable proportions. The first step is to begin with as clear a plot as feasible.

Growing Grapes – 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Grapes

Growing Grapes can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but there are some key fundamentals to grape growing that must be understood. I have written this article to help you avoid some of the common mistakes committed when growing grapes.

The Garden Bench, A Perfect Place to Relax

Everybody has walked through a park or garden to find a bench in just the right place to relax. Placing a garden bench in your garden can add a special place for you to relax, sit back and enjoy the views of your labor in your own backyard garden. The garden bench is your thrown over your backyard garden domain.

Herbs Grown in Containers Quick, Easy, and Fun

Growing an herb garden allows for plenty of variety and experimentation for both the culinary artist and the gardener. An herb garden is fun for first time gardens and a staple for people who have been playing in the dirt since they were kids. The promise of harvest and experimenting with new flavors is hard to resist, but if you are living in an urban area or a small apartment, trying to stretch your horticultural legs could leave you feeling cramped. Growing a container herb garden could be the answer.

Low-Maintenance Rose Varieties – Changing The Culture Of Rose Gardening

New, low-maintenance rose varieties are introducing rose gardening to new demographic groups, and redefining the schema of the traditional rosarian. After the Rose Knock Out was chosen as an All- America Rose Selection (AARS) in 2000, it sold better in the following years than any rose ever before. The disease resistance and hardiness of this plant made it accessible to even the most novice gardeners. Commercial landscapers who normally avoided roses because of the hassle began using them everywhere. This was the start of a different way of thinking about roses.

Gardening – The No 1 Hobby

Creating landscaping or a flower garden should also incorporate this principle of unity. Stated in physical terms, all parts of the landscaping should make one body of work with each part being subordinate to the whole. If you want to improve your landscaping then start with the basics.

Endless Summer- 5 Tips to Create Satisfaction & Good Vibes in Your Space

“Where did the time go?” In just a few short months, this question will repeat itself over and over again among friends, family, and co-workers. Not you, though. You’ll be the one with the satisfied smile.

Outdoor Storage Sheds to Tidy up your Back Yard

Let’s talk about the outdoor storage shed. There are several things that the buyer needs to know about these structures before making a final purchase. Doing a little homework will help you save money and find the perfect outdoor storage shed for your property.

If You’ve Gotta Go, Use An Eco-Toilet

Sometimes when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. But at least consider the alternative by using an eco-friendly, portable toilet as opposed to digging a hole yourself.

Compost Tumblers Make Composting Fun

Compost tumblers are a great alternative to composting out in the open. For one, they’ll be protected from rodents and animals, but it also makes the process a bit more fun.

Biodegradable Utensils Make for Great Composting

Biodegradable utensils are on the rise in popularity, especially now that summer’s around the corner and you know what that means: barbecues galore.

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