Tomato & Pepper Set 3

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

When we say lighting, we no longer speak about Edison’s light bulb. New technologies revolutionize the lighting industry and today we can even speak about affordable and economical outdoor lighting options.

Painting Picket Fences

A fence could serve several purposes. For one thing, it also serves as your first line of protection against intruders or strangers. Fences also mark your land territory. They can also confine your pets and children within your property.

Pest Control – Invasive, Part 3

There are numerous species of plant, animal and insect pests inadvertently introduced into the United States. Many are beneficial or benign, but some are causing real problems for this country either by threatening our native flora and fauna, threatening our safety, threatening our industry. Here are descriptions of some of them.

Garden Insects – Not All Are Pests

It is important to realize that there will always be some harmful insects in your garden, the key is to keep them under control. Three insects that can help you to do this are praying mantis, ladybugs and lacewings.They are ferocious hunters and most beneficial to have around.

How is Hydroponic Gardening Different from Regular Gardening?

Hydroponic Gardening can be a fun and productive new way of gardening for you. This article will spell out some differences between hydroponic gardening and regular gardening.

Why Front Porch Stair Railings Matter

Vinyl railings or PVC railings are usually the best materials to go for when choosing front porch railings. They are not slippery which means they are generally safer and they also they do not splinter and they are generally weatherproof.

Tools Required for Repair of Wrought Iron Railings

One can repair his wrought iron railings himself, but if he is a expert in handling the wrought iron railing tools like drilling etc. Else it is best it to hire the services of an expert to do the repair.

Caring for Water Garden Fish In Your Pond

Fish add a lot of interest to your water garden – here’s how to care for them so that they live long healthy lives.

Easy Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn can give you a great sense of accomplishment. This article concentrates on the basics of lawn care.

Pest Control – Invasive Species part 2

Invasive species are a potential menace to people and to our native species. While some pests from foreign lands can be managed naturally, or by effective control methods – others are very difficult to control. With few, if any, natural predators, and in some cases no present means of effective control; some of these out of town uninvited pests threaten our landscape, industry, and even much of our country as we know it. Here are two of them that have become particularly problematic.

Penstemon – Beardtongue – Wildflower For The Perennial Garden

The penstemon is a native American wildflower which can easily make the transition to the perennial garden. Also called beardtongues, these pretty wildflowers will brighten the summer shady garden with pink, white, or lavender blossoms

An Amaryllis for Christmas – What to Do After the Blooms Fade

Once the flowers fade on an Amaryllis plant, you will have to decide whether to discard or keep it. Here are instructions of what to do if you decide to keep it.

Tomato Seed Saving – A Quick Guide

A set by step guide to saving and storing tomato seeds to start or continue your crop next season. Its easy saving tomato seeds if you have tasted a delicious tomato from friends or or grown one in your own garden or greenhouse and you want to replicate or carry on growing them next season.

Tips For Growing The Flowering Dogwood Tree

Learn about the flowering dogwood tree, where best to plant one and how to keep it healthy.

Everything You Need To Know About Buying The Perfect Bird Bath

If you are a nature lover but yet find yourself living in a small space, you may think that you have to settle for the sounds of the birds and the wind that gently seep through your open window. However if you like you can add other elements to your life that will let you feel closer to nature. Now you can do this by adding a bird bath to your garden.

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