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Herb Garden Uses

Why is having a herb garden so popular? Well herbs are some of the plants that you can get the most out of in your garden. These plants grow extremely well and provide so many different purposes. Two of the most popular uses of herb gardens are to produce spices and medicines.

Selecting and Buying Vegetable Garden Seeds

To have a good garden, you need good seeds. It’s not enough that the seeds simply are capable of growing — you want them to produce a crop of the desired quality under the conditions existing where you’ve placed your garden.

Planning Your Garden – What and Where

You can save yourself a lot of time, and headaches, by taking the time to create a garden plan weeks, even months, before it’s time to begin planting your crops. Once you’ve identified the area you’ll be using for your vegetable garden, measure it out, so that you have a complete understanding of just how much planting space is available to you.

Planning Your Garden – Appreciating Your Location

The size of your garden will depend mostly on how much land you have available to you. On a farm, or a large country property, where the garden’s size is limited only by the gardener’s desires, vegetables should be grown, not only to supply summer’s wants, but also for winter storage.

Where Should You Locate Your Home Vegetable Garden?

The question of how close to plant your garden to your house or other buildings, like the garage or backyard shed, is an important factor when deciding where to plant your garden. Taking care of your garden is usually done in your spare time, and because of this, the closer the garden is to your house, the better.

All About Growing Cilantro

Growing cilantro is easy to do but the plant likes warm weather better than the cold. It originated in Asia and the Mediterranean area so it is used to quite a warm climate. This is an herb that can grow to be around two feet tall. The seeds of the plant are known as coriander and the leaves are known as cilantro.

Choosing a Site For Your Vegetable Garden

How do you choose a site for a vegetable garden that will grow enough vegetables for your family’s needs, but not so large that it becomes burdensome? Before you take spade to soil, sit down and do some advance planning.

Garden Pond Designs

Everyone knows a great garden makes or breaks a home, some people spend more time in the garden than inside the house, with good reason too. Planning is the key to unlock the perfect garden pond. Let’s take a look at what designs are available to you and the requirements to build your own.

Some Handy Tips on Lawn and Garden Care

If you’re taking care of your garden and lawn, you’ll be usually faced with many choices. How often should I be watering my lawn, what type of fertilizer should I user. How about mowing my lawn, how often should I do that.

The Color Meanings of Roses

Giving roses on special occasions has been a popular tradition, but you can make your gift more meaningful if you choose a color that conveys a specific message. Each rose color has a different meaning, usually more than one. If you want to be sure that your loved one receives the message you intend, include it on a card to go with the Roses. A personalized message will make your roses all the more special.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions by Growing Your Own Home Vegetable Garden

Researches have estimated that growing a home vegetable garden can reduce a person’s carbon emission by as much as 17%. Here is some advice to get you started on your road to a greener lifestyle and spending less money.

Harvest Your Summer Vegetables in August While Planning For Fall and Winter Crops

August is the time to enjoy tasty homegrown vegetables and fruits, and take pleasure in the beauty of green plants, trees and flowering annuals. It’s also time to plan your fall and winter gardens.

How to Grow, Care and Harvest Tomato Plants

There are many advantages to growing tomato plants. Growing tomatoes on your own can save you money at the grocery store and ensure the fruit is as fresh as possible. In addition, you’ll know your eating tomatoes that free of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

It’s Easy to Grow Herbs in Pots

Herbs can also be grown indoors in pots or containers. They can also be grown in window boxes or hanging baskets. Growing herbs in pots is not anymore difficult then growing herbs in an outdoor garden.

Cottage Gardens – Favorites of Lazy Gardeners Everywhere

Cottage gardens are designed to be casual and carefree. They are supposed to look natural, as if the plants just grew where they wanted to. What lazy gardener doesn’t like that?

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