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Compost – The Best Reason For Making Your Own Compost

The argument in favor of consistently adding to the garden soil, organic matter in the form of compost or humus is overwhelming. Most professionals and an increasing number of home gardeners as well, recognize it as an essential part of sound horticultural practice.

Serissa Bonsai Trees Are Easier Than You Might Think

Serissa bonsai have a bad reputation for being hard to grow. This is not the case with the right care. Equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to grow the tree of a thousand stars.

Planter Boxes – Create A Tranquil Garden The Feng Shui Way

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of the placement and arrangement of your possessions in order to achieve harmony with the environment. The Chi or energy in or out of your home can be out of balance if spaces are not inviting and peaceful. While this art is traditionally used inside the home you can also apply it to your garden to create a tranquil oasis to enjoy outside your home.

Using Hanging Baskets in Your Garden

Whilst freestanding pots and tubs decorate the garden at ground level, hanging baskets introduce a new dimension to container gardening with charm, interest and a softening quality at eye level and above. In the garden itself they can be suspended from the cross-beam of a pergola (check for strength of support before fixing) or you might even build a simple system of uprights and cross beams in an L shape. This is a particularly useful device in a new garden or one where there are few mature trees and plants because it creates an instant opportunity for plant interest above eye level when every-thing around seems rather flat.

Gardens, Garden Tips 10

We have been absolutely thrilled with our experiment of planting runner beans in pots late in the season when the beans planted in the garden were coming to an end as it was a complete success. We are eating fresh tender beans now and for probably for another two weeks at least.

Preventing Weeds in a Winter Mediterranean Garden

Successfully preventing weeds in the garden is a matter of choosing the right method for each situation. Here are some essential tips.

Ode to the Prickly Pear

More often than not, developers of both commercial and residential areas immediately bulldoze over our native Prickly Pear Cactus. Often mistaken as a weed, this gravely misunderstood wonder has much to offer the Austin area homeowner and community.

The Making of Compost is Easy Enough

Compost is basically organic matter. It is garden debris that is allowed to decay with time and is then put back into the soil as it has a lot of nutrient value and helps in the growth of plants. This process may take months to a year. If you want to be an organic gardener who is successful then you must learn the benefits of compost.

Chinch Bugs

The disadvantage of chemical controls is that they can be a danger to pets, humans, other bugs, birds, and the environment in general. Ask your lawn care company if they can choose organic, non-toxic controls instead of chemicals. Some lawn care companies will broadly apply harmful pesticides without properly informing you of the risks to your family, pets, and surrounding wildlife.

The Smith Hawken Biostack Compost Bin – How to Use It

You can use a compost bin to recycle junk from your backyard and kitchen. This kind of bin can trap warmth, manage water content, and guard compost from animals like dogs and insects. But, the Smith Hawken Biostack really has more going for it, but what are they? Read more here…

Using Crop Rotation In Your Organic Garden – For Healthy Plants & Higher Yields

Crop rotation is the age old practice of rotating plants to different growing areas in your vegetable garden. Plants that belong to the same family are rotated or moved each season. This aids plants with their nutrient needs and helps avoid pest and disease problems.

Earthworms – The Gardener’s Best Friend

When we see a garden at its best, it means the earthworms are at work making the soil rich in nutrients. The organic substances in the soil are broken down by these creatures and changed into nutrients that the plants absorb easily.

Types of Cactus Species

Cacti for plural use and Cactus for general are the specific plants of the Cactaceae family. The Cactaceae are the biggest existing family of the tender cactus plants. There are around 2000 recognized types of cactus species in the world, especially in the regions of Central, South, and North America.

Tips for Growing Orchids at Home

Growing orchids at home was once associated with the hobby of rich and elite people, but not anymore. Orchids are more reasonable now due to the latest progression in the propagation strategies.

Hay! That’s a Garden

Do you know someone who has always loved gardening but has physical restrictions? Why not throw a couple of bales of straw their way! Hay or straw bale gardening is gaining in popularity because there is no tilling or digging.

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