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Getting Started With Container Gardens and Gardening

Container gardens and gardening are quite popular, so much so in fact that many seed companies have created hybrid plants that actually are tailor made for container-based growing. Whether you have a front porch, a small balcony or even just a sunny window, you can get started with container gardening with very little effort. Then, just sit back and enjoy the beauty and pleasure that will come from your container plants.

The Art of Bonsai Shaping

One of the key characteristics of a bonsai tree is its shape. Bonsai gardening is not only a hobby, it is an art form, and this is demonstrated by the way you choose to guide and shape your tree. Bonsai trees can be shaped into almost any form that you desire. However, there are several profiles that are more widespread than others when it comes to bonsai gardening.

How to Start an Organic Garden – Only 4 Simple Yet Important Steps

That’s what many people asked. If you are one of them. Here’s an advice; think simple and not complicated. This article will show you the 4 simple Steps to starting your beautiful organic garden. Basically on “How To Start An Organic Garden”.

How to Keep Your Orchids Healthy

An orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers there is so it is no wonder that they are popular as houseplants. However, orchids do require special care and conditions if you want to keep yours alive and healthy so you can enjoy its beauty.

Choosing a Compost Bin

If you’ve begun to explore the wonderful world of gardening, you have probably started composting. If so, you may have discovered that the compost pile can become unsightly and awkward to contain when it is left loose.

Interesting Information on Worm Composting

Worm composting is also popularly known as vermicompost. The worm humus makes it efficient and an effective source of nutrients for gardens. Making a vermicompost on one’s own could be a rewarding form for recycling also composting. It would also be a great educational experience.

Benefits of Organic Gardening – The 5 Simple Yet Overlooked Ones

More and more individuals are making the wise decision of joining the Organic Gardening “circle”. Why wise? You might ask. There are so many benefits of organic gardening. Yes, these benefits ain’t only for you, but for YOU and YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS.

When I Take Up the Lawnmower in an Effort to Stem My Crunching Credit

So now the credit crunch has hit I think it’s time to tighten my belt, or tool belt should I say? The mortgage payments have increased and I am thinking about different ways that I can save money around the house. I used to think nothing of paying for a gardener so I didn’t have to schlep the lawnmower up and down the slopping garden with my dodgy back.

Next Year’s Garden Plan – Garden Planning and Planting Ideas – 2

Get a better idea of how you are going to use your garden during the different seasons. Think about planning your garden around most used functions and times of seasons.

A Beginner’s Guide to Perennial Gardening

Many gardeners prefer to use a mixture of plants, perhaps using shrubs as the backbone and main structure of the garden and mixing in other plants to give differing colors throughout the year. Perennials are perfect for this role, particularly as there are large numbers that like to grow in the light shade that is provided by being planted under or close to shrubs.

The New Allotmenteer

With souring food prices and environmental awareness, is it any wonder that allotmenting is making a come back? Allotment crime is on the increase, people are really starting to feel the pinch of the credit crunch and back gardens are starting to yield vegetables! Apart from the thieving ‘no-goods’ that break in to plots to steal and vandalize, it’s starting to seem that the British public are resulting to ‘war effort’ style food production to counter the many demands and pressures of 21st century living.

Catharanthus Roseus – An Annual Flowering Plant That Can Save You a Lot of Water

The limiting factor in growing annual flowers in Mediterranean gardens is their high consumption of water. Catharanthus roseus, (Madagascar Periwinkle), can be grown on about a quarter of the water needed by most annuals.

Worms and Composting

Worm farms are excellent for small areas like balconies and courtyards because they are compact and relatively tidy. Worm castings (excrement) and juice (liquid runoff) make an excellent organic soil conditioner and fertilizer for the garden and potted plants. Worm farms are amazing little things.

Young Orchids

For the newbie orchid grower, starting off with younger orchid plants is a great way to learn how to care for them as you watch them grow and blossom. When getting a young orchid plant for the first time, try and find out as much about it as possible. Knowing what species it is is very important, as is the sort of environment it is found in the wild.

How to Grow the Perfect Tomatoes

Of all of the different vegetables that are typically grown in the garden, the tomato is by far the favorite. As a matter of fact, people have bragging rights in accordance with the size of the tomatoes that they grow in some areas. That is why it is important to make sure that you are growing the perfect tomato in every season.

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