This Huge Harvest Puts Us Half Way To Our Goal!

Garden Techniques – How to Deal With Frost Damaged Plants

Spring is a time when you can often get caught out by an unexpected frost. We have had a couple of vicious frosts after relatively balmy days, and this can be lethal for plants that get caught and are unprotected too. How do you recognise the signs, and what can you do?

How to Water and Care for Your Bonsai Plant

Don’t you water a bonsai like any other plant? The answer is absolutely not. Bonsai are very particular and specific and how to treat them will depends on lots of factors including environment and climate. There are lots of different species of bonsai that use water at different rates, they grow at different rates in their different growing cycles.

The Instant Organic Gardener – How the Procrastinator Can Still Be an Organic Gardener

Has being a couch potato kept you from organic gardening this year? If you should have started your compost pile two months ago, is being an organic gardener ruled out? Absolutely not! How do you compensate for wasted time? With wasted money, of course!

Compost – Part 1 – What is Compost?

Compost is the end result of the decomposition of organic material, or waste. This occurs naturally in the bush, or a forest, by the accumulation of debris from plant and animal material; and provided there is moisture present, either from rain, in the soil, or from the material itself, decomposition will occur.

The Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Is Great For Beginners

If you have always found the Bonsai Tree to be a fascinating plant but have thought that you just don’t have the skills necessary to grow one yourself, you may want to consider the Japanese Maple Bonsai. These are not only beautiful trees, but perfect for beginners as they are easily grown and cared for. The Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree comes in several different varieties, and all of these different trees offer some great color during the spring and fall.

Bonzai Tree Seeds

There are several varieties of Bonzai Trees available at Bonzai nurseries, but these can be very expensive. Another option for growing your own Bonzai Trees is to start them from seeds. Though you may not be able to reproduce the exact tree that you see in the nursery, you can create a miniature Bonzai Tree that is very similar.

About The Bonzai Tree

Bonzai is a Japanese word, but its roots are Chinese and are derived from the word “punsa”. This word means “tree in a pot” The practice of growing trees in a pot was originally Chinese, but the practice of growing the Bonzai Tree was made into an art form by the Japanese when the concept was introduced to them about 5 centuries ago.

Information About The Indoor Bonsai Plant

Do you have a green thumb, or just the desire to grow your own plants, but find that you are restricted by lack of space? The Bonsai Plant may be the answer to your dilemma. Cultivating the Bonsai Plant has become very popular, partly for the fact that they don’t take much space, and they are a very decorative addition to the home.

Add a Pergola to Your Garden – Without Breaking the Bank

Adding a pergola to your garden doesn’t have to be expensive. And you don’t have to attempt to build it yourself. There is a better way. Buy some plans that contain drawing, material lists and instructions. Purchase materials yourself. Then find a local carpenter to construct it for you!

Important Lawn Care Tips For Spring

Many people often wonder why their neighbor has a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful lawn then their own. Chances are the neighbor cares for and maintains (or has a company that actually knows the keys to a great lawn) their lawn better than the person who’s lawn might not be so nice and beautiful. Well you are in luck.

Starting A Vegetable Garden

Spring is the time of year when we think about creating a vegetable garden, especially with all the emphasis on the damage that long transport distances do to the ecosystem, never mind the fact that we are eating vegetables that are not quite as fresh as they might be! When choosing the location for your vegetable garden forget the old idea that the veg patch must be an ugly spot. If carefully designed, thoughtfully planted and well cared for, it will be feature of your garden, bringing a touch of homeliness that no formal bed could ever create.

Growing Healthy Foods in Your Home Garden

More and more people are getting into growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables by planting a home garden. Many are enjoying their fresh garden produce during the growing season and are also preserving it for later use by freezing and canning. Even those who were not previously interested in gardening have become motivated to grow their own produce as they have learned that store-bought fruits and vegetables are often nutrient-deficient.

Growing Perfect Tomatoes

Planting and gardening in the proper moon phase is only a part of the formula to growing great tomato plants. To grow perfect tomatoes remember that the tomato plant is only ready and willing to deliver if you give it the full range of conditions that it requires.

School Gardens – Organizing The Children To Develop Their Garden

From a strictly professional point of view, the school garden would best be maintained by a landscape gardening company. From an educational angle though, this would be missing out big time. On what lines then, should the children be organized.

Spring Lawn Care In Mediterranean Gardens – How To Save Water And Grow A Better Lawn

Saving water and having a great garden are often seen as being mutually exclusive. Here is a lawn care strategy for a dry climate garden that can allow you to have both.

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