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Now Is A Great Time To Plant, Trees, Shrubs And Flowers For The Fall

Right Now is the best time to plant trees, shrubs and flowers. It is a great time because the above ground temperatures are dropping and the below ground temps are still warm.

Planting Your Garden–Seed Planting

Seeds sprout and plants grow at different rates. Always look at the back of vegetable and flower seed packet to find the recommended seed-starting times, for both indoor and outdoor sowing. Some seeds need to be started twelve weeks before they are transplanted into the garden while others need only three or four weeks. Most garden vegetables and flowers are classified as either warm season or cool season plants, so plan accordingly.

Things to Consider When Buying Garden Seeds

Bargain priced seeds are older varieties which may not be in demand, or possibly the seeds are on sale to get you into the nursery or garden store. Germination tests are done on each variety of seed when it is packed, in order to determine if the seeds are still good. You can tell if the seeds will be good according to the date on the back of the seed packet. If you have bought bedding plants or started your seeds indoors, you may transfer those sprouts or plants to outside locations. Water the plant thoroughly prior to planting it out in the garden to lessen the shock of transplanting.

Food For Birds

With all the choices these days, it can be confusing to know what type of bird food to buy. Do you buy bird seed, suet, nectar or all three? It depends on the time of the year and what types of birds you want to attract. Here’s a break down of the different types of food available for birds.

Can’t I Just Use Garden Worms in My Worm Farm?

Worm farms are a great way to make the composting process more efficient. Many people have built their farms at no cost from materials they had laying around or were able to scrounge for free. However, when it comes down to the worms, you should probably pay a professional to provide them. Find out why in this article.

Fenceline Harvesting

Do you drool over those plants that are just out of reach across someone else’s garden fence? Or do you go for walks around your community just to see what’s in flower at the moment in everyone else’s garden?

Is Your Lawn Care Company Helping You With QuackGrass?

So, it’s grass right? If you have any thin areas of your lawn, this light green grass may try to take over your lawn.

Did Your Lawn Care Company Tell You That Broadleaf Plantain Will Destroy Your Grass?

Broadleaf Plantain, also know by the scientific name Plantago majo, is a short, leafy plant that loves to grow in thin and weakened sections of your lawn.

White In The Garden

Icy whites bring wintertime cool to the summertime landscape, establishing elegance in a serene setting. In your private spaces, flee from the hot reds, oranges, and yellows. Put a chill in your garden air with summer ice. We know winter by its whites. Ice or snow blankets the landscape with shimmer and shine. Summer whites banish the sizzles and deflect the sunny rays, bringing in an implied coolness to the landscape.

Shades of Summer

Low light is not the only problem facing the gardener with mature shade trees. Tree roots take up space in the top soil and they rob the surrounding earth of water and nutrients, creating a gardener’s nightmare of dry, infertile shade.

How to Design a Rock Garden

Designing a rock garden is at one and the same time easy and hard. The location is the easy part. It’s the part of your landscape that is on a slope or dry or both. It’s the part of your landscape that looks unshapely and lumpy. All you have to do is look at your yard and you will see where your rock garden should be. That is the easy part.

Organic Flower Gardening For Beginners

Organic flower gardening sounds so healthy, both for ourselves and for the soil. As a beginner, you might wonder where to begin? Should you study up on pH balance? Oh wait, that starts to sound complicated.

How to Build a Rose Garden

There are so many things that can be said about building a rose garden that it is difficult to know where to start. The best place to start is to think about the end result. What do you want to see when you are finished building your rose garden?

General Garden Maintenance – Watering

A successful garden is the result of many factors, one of the most important of which is adequate water. It is essential that you know how much water to give your plants and vegetables, striking a balance that will benefit the entire garden. There are several different ways in which to water a garden, from a watering can to a hose, to a hand sprayer to irrigation hoses and sprinkler systems.

Some of the Most Popular and Effective Mulches

Grass clippings are ideal for vegetable, annual, and herb gardens, because you can get them by the bagful. Leaves are great for weed control, especially leaves that fall from any deciduous tree. Pine needles decompose slowly, and allow water to easily seep through. Straw breaks down quickly, adding nutrients to the soil, However, some people prefer to use plastic sheeting as mulch, especially if you intend to grow warm-soil loving plants and vegetables

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