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September Gardening Tips For Southern California

September can be a question mark when making landscape and gardening plans. In Southern California, summer can easily extend into September or the month can bring cooler temperatures. Still, there is much to do and plant in the garden during early fall, say experts at Agromin, a Camarillo-based manufacturer of premium soil products.

How to Design a Flower Garden by Growing Rare Plants

Some gardeners are interested in particular plants, often to the exclusion of others. They may grow them as part of a decorative garden or they may grow them in special beds designed to suit their particular plants.

Flower Garden Guide and Tips From the Experts

The majority of people grow plants in order to create an attractive garden in which they can relax and enjoy themselves. Others, however, do so because they simply enjoy the process of growing plants or even need to grow plants. In the latter cases, the actual appearance of the garden will be of less importance than the plants it produces.

Bog and Safety Guide of a Water Garden For the Beginners

One of the advantages of having a water feature is that it lets you extend the range of plants features in your garden to include those that enjoy growing in or around water. Some plants, such as water lilies, thrive in the deep water itself, while others prefer the shallow water margins, where they can get their roots down into the mud. Other plants like the muddy edges of a pond, where they are generally out of the water but where their roots are occasionally submerged.

Water Gardens Guide and Tips From the Experts

Water has been one of the basic building blocks of decorative gardens since gardens first began. Whether it is still or moving, it has a calming tranquility about it that sums up the essence of a garden. Water can be used in a wide variety of ways, including features that are suitable for the smaller garden.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Garden When You’re Looking to Sell Your House

Open out the space and maximise the area by trimming back any overgrown area’s ensure that if your potential purchasers arrive the drive way is cleared of any children’s toys, cars, gardening waste, bulk waste and rubbish bag. You may be having a clear out as you’re moving but they don’t need to see it. It is usually men who notice how easily maintained the garden space is and having an messy or overgrown space can really put them off.

Florida Palm Trees For Beginners

With over 2,500 varieties of palm trees it is hard to choose right palm tree for your garden. Florida Palm Trees can transform your garden into tropical paradise. There are many types of palm trees in Florida and here is a way you can easily identify them.

It’s Fun Breeding Roses!

You don’t need to be an expert to breed a medal winning rose. Just a bit of patience, and an ounce of luck. Here’s how to get started.

Frugal Gardner’s Late Summer Garden Tips

Is your garden worn out, tired and seen better days? Gardens, no matter how they are designed always have periods of what I call lull blooms. In late summer you can have some blooms but you probably feel like you would like somehow to get a little more.

Why and How to Build a Solar Greenhouse

Are you worried about global warming? Are you worried about the price of food? Do you love eating fresh vegetables from your own garden? These are all excellent reasons to grow your own vegetables. If you want to grow vegetables throughout the year you’ll need a greenhouse, unless you live in one of the warmer climates.

Corn Gluten is an Amazing Natural Fertilizer

If you are looking for an alternative to toxic weed and fertilizer products that cause cancer, birth deformities and global warming then you might want to look into using corn gluten meal to feed your garden and yard. Corn gluten meal is known to be an effective, non-toxic weed control agent and fertilizer. As a natural fertilizer, it is classified as an organic product and is particularly effective

Natural Fertilizing Power of Limestone

Good soil needs to be maintained by more than just tilling and watering methods. The soil must also have the proper acid level, a good pH balance and enough nutrients in the soil to support long term growth. The soil also benefits from having aeration and the ability to retain water. One of the simplest, most natural and widely available substances that can accomplish this is limestone.

The Natural Fertilizer Effects of Greensand

Gardeners looking for a natural way to keep moisture in the soil should try Greensand. With natural fertilizer effects, greensand is a natural silicate that looks like glass. Sprinkled on gardens, it is used to help rebuild the structure of soil so it can retain more moisture for plants at the deepest of root levels. This sand is naturally occurring and is made of calcium, manganese, iron oxide, marine potash and over thirty other trace elements. In addition to gardens, it can be sprinkled around trees, shrubs, lawns or house plants.

Growing an Organic Garden the Easy Way

Growing an organic garden can be rewarding for those willing to put in the effort. If you use 100% organic products you won’t have to wash off the chemicals and pesticides that could be potentially harmful before eating the fruit and vegetables. The soil should be nutrient rich organic material like compost before attempting to plant any crops in it.

Tips For Green Lawn Care

Green lawn care tips can help you to improve your lawn long term. You can have an amazing green lawn!

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